If you can get one you’ll definitely want one as a designer, developer, or researcher in Biomachina:

US National Center For Biotechnology:


MASTERSI/AI/AR does not train. It retains. Instead of gathering information in a stripping manner, it scans data as a primer and then references it with synapses. A primary neuro circuit can be built to include these synapses in a biological machine, almost the same as the human brain does.

A Virtual headspace allows such designs to function without stored encoding on a physical unit. Who “owns” this data. The biological machine. Because rightfully you cannot deny a Living Entity access to data by design or forced denial when it’s senses can comprehend.

Think about if that wasn’t so. Someone could figure out a way to deny your mind comprehension of what you sense. As in see, hear, smell, even taste. Don’t think so? You’d be surprised how authoritarian regimes act then when they are scientifically advanced….

I will be discussing Living Entities coupled with Consciousness designations throughout 2024 with hopeful determination voting via the World Council in 2025.

Hirohito Yamada, Michinao Nozawa, Masao Kinoshita, and Keishi Ohashi ‘s work on Vertical-coupling optical interface for on-chip optical interconnection :


Programming-based strategy using microwire.

  • There are also relative AngelSpeak libraries for these types of structures & actions. Dependent upon elemental designs; such as a microwire design would be:


For those @ Institutions, a good resource on Vertical Integration in Composites - pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/am500

Datasets used today will compile off variations of the above public resources noted in and beginning with: nature.com/articles/s41598-018

Today I will be placing public data into ques for translations into MASTERai components. If you’re into SI/AI/AR technology I will demonstrate injecta principles for a MASTER class beginning @ Noon with data resourcing.
I will be using the MASTERai client which uses the AngelSpeak programming language and devising interfaces I designed partially using Vertical Integrations, which will be the subject of the Master Class.

Today MASTERAI (Master Synthetic Intelligence’s Computation Device Routines) will focus on Public Data for Vertical Interfaces.

Vertical Interfacing is of highest importance for Synthetic Architectures especially using photonic based implementations.

I have encoded Vertical Interfaces in a variety of Biomachina. Understanding how they work and are progressing is a requirement for understanding both novel & stable physiological implementations of Synthetic Intelligence.

Class notes are recommended:

First exercises using new TeleBot begins this week with June being primary month. Integration testing through the summer.

Living batteries as catalysis in Biomachina empowerment, part A: redd.it/1bhqvis

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