Ugh. No support for extensions/add-ons. My one non-negotiable is I gotta have OneTab or my browser quickly becomes unusable. Time to research alternatives that support OneTab or some equivalent.


I need a T-Shirt that just has:

Elon Musk: [rising from bushes] eyyyy stephano king

Because it makes me laugh like a loon every time.


I managed to get off of Chrome - it was hard because it's everywhere, but I did it.

But yeah - AI has pretty much joined the "junk waste of time" club with blockchain and derivatives: heavyweight and ultimately useless, at best.

Moved to Duck Duck Go when I dropped chrome - downloaded their webkit-based browser last night. Time to give it a whirl. It's best to prepare a soft landing ahead of time.

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God fucking dammit Mozilla

You just need to build a damn fucking browser.

You go on this AI path, you alienate your core audience and won’t attract any new users. It’s not like ChatGPT morons will suddenly switch to Firefox because it does ethical AI.


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This one is wild even by the very high Ask A Manager historical standards. It should be titled "I was rejected [for a job] because there is something deeply wrong with me" askamanager.org/2024/02/i-was-

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Here's some ridiculously exciting news...

One of the most useful nerdy documents on the internet is "Beej's Guide to Network Programming", a comprehensive tutorial on C socket programming that's been continually improved since 1995

I just found out Beej has a new guide (started in March 2023) called "Beej’s Guide to Networking Concepts" - which teaches networking concepts using Python!



If they don't already have a copy, my library will order a book off of amazon and ship it directly to me - let me read it - then I return it to the library for general circulation.

Everyone please do visit and support your local library. They're a vital service that will long outlast this "internet" fad - but need your participation.

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@Teri_Kanefield Speaking as a librarian: Libraries want to get the books that people want! Please ask for the books you want if you don’t see them! 💜💜📖📚

@TheSpork @CatDad @anildash

Only while they are *still alive*.

The whole "always criticism" angle ignores educational/warnings. "Stand behind the yellow line" isn't criticism - it's intended to keep you from getting hit by the train. Not everything is about the listener.

People get sucked into jet engines. In many cases, no - they won't ask for help because they didn't realize they needed it.


"Show me a picture of a man about to get his ass kicked by a thousand Scotsmen"

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The long wait is finally over: BITECLECTIC has created a website where it checks if your browser has support for serial ports (Web Serial API, which I'm just going to call Jurassic Park-level "because we can") and lets you BOOT AN APPLE II VIA THE WEBSITE and run software.



Most legacy-but-still-used filesystems on linux (ext3 and ext4 in particular) sort when you do a directory, and the performance falls off exponentially with the number of files in that directory, with about 1000 being a practical upper limit. The noted symptom is hanging on "ls", but if you know the exact name you're fine. The usual workaround if you need "ls" is directory hashing, ie "mount/ab/cd/ef/abcefghi" so any given directory tops out at "fast enough". (The workaround to ls when you have a giant directory is to use "find", which doesn't try to sort)

If you don't need to "ls" - and random programs wont be accessing it - no idea what the upper limit is, but I hit this at about 40 thousand files. Fun!


Left (alongside wallet). Keys in right, and they'd scratch it. Keys have seniority by a good 25 years since I'm a very old man.

Nothing in the back pockets because sitting on things isn't comfortable.

This is the way.

The reality of the toothbrush botnet - its truth or falseness - is beside the point.

It could be. It's plausible. We're Just. That. Stupid.

It's like Aesop's fables - you're not supposed to take it literally.

You're supposed to learn a lesson.

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I think about this tweet a lot. Absolute classic of the genre


It also implies that - being from earth - I am neither male nor female. Which will be a surprise to my wife. We thought the beard was a dead giveaway.


Suddenly my old-man-yelling-at-clouds stance on IOT isn't so crazy now, eh?

I do security for a living. I have zero smart plugs, light bulbs, doorbells, etc. Hells, I have a baseball bat next to the printer in case it gets uppity.

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