Anyone else watch this episode of the show @fcain does and wonder if you could be his "handy friend" who gets to build a telescope with him?

I mean I know it's not me but I'd totally be down for that.

In all seriousness I've been debating whether or not I feel up to grinding my own mirrors or buying them and building everything else.

This is one of several reasons I was so delighted to be gifted that extremely flat stone; it's a key tool for that sort of work.

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@Blenster you will need to set up a test staion too, to hone the parabola shape (from memory)

@spmatich I had thought about a flat mirror type but fancier lenses would be more of a challenge (or more worth just buying I guess).

@Blenster You have to live in my home town. Then I'd totally build a telescope with you.

@fcain Yeah; I imagine being local has to help that process a lot! LOL

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