With Thanksgiving (US) behind us, it’s time for my old friend Kent Pitman’s poem “A Christmas Peril”

Also available in Spanish.

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Kent Pitman  
’Twas the first iceless Christmas, and all through the world, it was warm enough now, the last snowflake had swirled. The stockings were hung in ...

The idea that a brief poll of Elon-followers is “democracy” makes a mockery of the word.
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Yogi Jaeger  
Controversial opinion: we must heavily moderate public spaces to boost evidence-based insight & prosocial behavior, not enable the worst humans...
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A group at Johns Hopkins has created a scrollable, interactive map of the entire universe, from here to the cosmic microwave background.
Extraordinary discoveries at your fingertips for free, unimaginable when I was a kid. mapoftheuniverse.net/ #astronomy #space #exploration

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We are being desensitized to think that collective actions (#BringBackMasks) don’t have broad benefit for the common good. It’s only been 2.5 yrs since we lived by the motto: “flatten the curve”

Stunning to think how much solidarity has been eroded

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