Tune in next week for the free USP/ASTM workshop on cannabis quality. I'll be speaking at the "Regulators Panel" and my colleague
will be chairing the "Standards Panel" right after.

Registration for this free event can be found here:

And the agenda is here:

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"I can’t know for sure, but I have the sense that in pre-consumer societies, there was less emphasis on paying first prices (i.e. getting things into your possession) and much more on paying second prices—doing the work necessary to use what you have, and becoming someone who always does."

"Paying only the first price is about the same as throwing money in the garbage."


Only 1 week left to comment on the cannabis legislative review
QT: qoto.org/@CannabisScientist/10

Andrew Waye, PhD (he/il)  
1/3 Attn Cannabis Community. Only 11 days left to comment! You can begin by reading the Health Canada report "Taking stock of progress: Cannabis l...

3/3 "These results suggest that metal particles could be a contributing factor to poor measurement precision and ... provide evidence of metal particles in cannabis vape liquids contained in unused cannabis vapes pens."


2/2 "Herein, we present data on the metal content of 12 metals in 20 legal and 21 illegal cannabis vape liquids."

The team at NRC measured metal contaminants leached into vape liquids & used fancy tech to image and characterize actual metal particles found


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1/3 Cannabis research drop. A collab between our team at Health Canada (Office of Cannabis Science and Surveillance) and
(Metrology Research Centre):

"Evidence That Metal Particles in Cannabis Vape Liquids Limit Measurement Reproducibility"


ANOTHER (yes there's two) cannabis fed gov employment opportunity drop:

Also at Health Canada's Cannabis Directorate in the Regional Operations and Enforcement Branch. This one has a deadline of Jan 06.


Cannabis fed gov employment opportunity drop:

Health Canada's Cannabis Directorate at the Regional Operations and Enforcement Branch is hiring. Deadline to apply is Nov 14.


Information about the engagement can be found by reading "Engaging on cannabis legalization and regulation in Canada: Taking stock of progress"


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Attn Cannabis Community. Only 11 days left to comment!

You can begin by reading the Health Canada report "Taking stock of progress: Cannabis legalization and regulation in Canada"


Over at Twitter where I have a much broader following, someone asked specifically about pesticides and moulds. Here's the response:

Those are great questions to be put to the panel members!

In Canada there are requirements for both pesticides and moulds, and every lot/batch of legal cannabis products are required to follow these testing rules.

See section 5.3 of this Health Canada guidance for information about testing requirements in Canada and...


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Free cannabis quality and standardization webinar drop:

Tune in to the free "Workshop on Cannabis Product Quality" co-organized by the US Pharmacopeia and ASTM D37 Committee on Cannabis. I'll be participating on the "Regulators Panel" with some other fine folks Wed morning.

Afterwards, my Health Canada colleagues, the esteemed Robin Marles will be chairing the "Standards Panel".

Taking place Dec 7 and 8.


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