We are 20 days away from our Annual Meeting and our excitement is growing!
Follow the link for the program and register today!
We hope to see you in Rome 🤩

This week, a busy and exciting Wednesday with us!
December 14:

📌 3 pm will give you the opportunity to discuss the paper by Wagenmakers EJ, Dutilh G, Sarafoglou A., “The Creativity-Verification Cycle in Psychological Science: New Methods to Combat Old Idols” published in Perspect Psychol Sci., 2018 👇

📌 5 pm new episode with

Nicholas Coles, Stanford University (US), Director of the Psychological Science Accelerator – recently awarded by the Einstein Foundation - talking about “Multi-lab and Multi-site Projects; the Psychological Science Accelerator” 👇 itrn.org/initiatives/onlinesem

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Il comunicato di @aisa_SA sul Piano nazionale per la scienza aperta: è ormai lettera morta - ammesso e non concesso che sia mai stata viva? aisa.sp.unipi.it/il-piano-nazi

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