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@freemo you need to drop a Bitcoin Cash / Monero address for me, wanted to make a small donation for running this awesome instance.

Who's the guy who made mastodon again? Egon or something?

Is there a way to completely remove bots? the federated timeline is almost 100% bots.

What does "remote only" mean when viewing the "federated timeline?"

So has seen a boost since the Parler/Twitter censorship fiasco ?

So apparently Gab left the fediverse. That's pretty lame. They worked so hard to be apart of it.

It's really annoying having to check just to see whats being said by people I follow who are in instances which blocked gab. Like dude, let us talk.

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I have noticed, someone replies to a Gab post outside Gab, all you can see is the single reply not the whole feed or the total conversation. I suppose thats because of the vindictive admins bunging up the works. People are so pathetically petty minded.

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I've not posted on here in a while. What's up guys?

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have you ever noticed that the people who complain about #Gab non-stop are also the same people who pre-emptively blocked it? they've had Gab blocked for over 2 months now, longer than it's been on #Fediverse, and they're still bitching and whining about it. Do REAL activism like feeding the homeless or unionizing workplaces you fucking nutcases!
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Traditionally in america I was always left leaning, but in modern times I'm strongly anti-left in the USA.

Oddly in the usa i lean right of center, in the netherlands I lean strongly left.

Funny how that works. If the left just cut out the violence and anti-free speech nonsense I'd happily go back to supporting them in the USA again.

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If you post something on social media, you are explicitly inviting people to comment and share their opinions. If that is not your intent then set privacy settings accordingly.

Regardless if you post something and are offended by respectful differences of opinion, and go so far as to silence those opinions, then **you** are the problem.

If you expect people to listen to your views on blast without giving them the common decency to reply, and be listened to in return, its time for you to reevaluate yourself because you are likely the perfect example of why the world is falling apart right now.

I miss when the internet upheld Godwin's law. Remember back in 2006 when the second people started bringing the world nazi into the discussion everyone laughed them off the forum for violating Godwin's law? Those were the golden years.

When are they going to protest Chrome & Firefox for "giving hate speech a platform" ?? They can access stormfront and pro-isis websites on both of those browsers. Where's the big campaign to them banned from the app store like you're doing for mastodon clients? Oh and also what happened to the net neutrality stuff guys? Just a few years ago you all fighting for a "free internet" where central authorities can't "block" or "censor" or "slowdown" content they dont like? So, now you're fighting for the opposite now?

Sorry my head is spinning.

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