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Before retiring, I was an aerospace engineer (Apollo, Viking Mars lander), software developer, and tech writer. But that was to pay the bills. I think of myself as a writer -- mostly sf, some horror, some mystery, some (yet unpublished) fantasy. Lots of details at

My wife and I also help writers self-publish. You can find out more at

In theory, I should be writing much more now that I'm retired. In practice, that's not happening. I blame the Internet.

I suppose if I had to choose the words for my tombstone, they would be


According to the radio this morning, 75-84 year olds are now the fastest growing age group in Colorado. This makes no sense to me. Leonore and I are in that age group, and we're both shrinking.

My latest, a thriller, is now out in ebook on Amazon and can be read free via Kindle Unlimited. Print editions will be out on January 24.

Here's the link:

Kids today with their school cancellations because of snow and cold. I tell ya. Why, why I was a lad in high school in northern Indiana, around 65 years ago, we'd get storms with layers of snow and ice and snow and ice and... (lake effect, perhaps), and school would be cancelled, and adults would snarl that we were wimps, why, in their day etc.

Either AI will leap ahead, turn hostile, and enslave or eradicate us, or it will become a stupendously powerful but docile, if just a wee bit scary, servant. I don't think there's a middle ground.

I'm betting on #2. Perhaps I should say that I'm hoping for #2.

Rereading a long-simmering, incomplete novel in preparation for jumping back into it. The story's still good, but the writing isn't as sparklingly wonderful as I remember. Damn that decay of magnetic domains.

I finally finished the thriller novel I've been trying to finish for... It seems forever. Done before the end of the year! Now it's on my wife's computer for her excellent proofreading, after which I'll send off for the proof copy.

At that point, I'll be happy to send anyone who wants one (for possible review, for reading, or just out of curiosity) a PDF of the uncorrected proof. Let me know by DM if you want one. If you prefer email, contact me at I'll put you on a list for when it's available.

The book has telepathy, criminals, violence, terrible secrets, and an evil cabal. No sex, but only because it didn't really belong there. It's 70,000 words and is, I hope, a quick, entertaining read.

Here's the cover:

In the far future, when mankind develops the technology to spread across the galaxy, out intrepid pioneers will carry with them in their starships innumerable pots containing saplings to establish forests in their new homes and buckets of moss to establish mossy coverings for rocks in those forests, all of which will have been harvested somewhere near Vancouver, BC.

The Pope has called for an end to the war in the Middle East. Oh, so do I! And my call will have just as much effect as his. Why do the media bother reporting what the Pople calls for?

Ironically, the current Israel-Hamas war has had one good effect for me: It has helped me significantly reduce my overloaded social media friends/following lists.

Remember, everyone, that when the national emergency signal is broadcast to all cell phones and other devices later today, Joe Biden's microchips put into us with the Covid vaccine will activate and turn us into mindless zombies. The only ones who won't be affected are those who believe this conspiracy craziness because they're already mindless zombies.

It's odd that we call it all cutlery when in fact only the knives are cutlery. The spoons are scooplery and the forks are stablery.

There's a sucker born every minute, and then some, and those suckers give their money and their votes to any scumbag who knows how to push their buttons. Currently, the number one such scumbag is Donald Trump, but there will be innumerable others like him after he's gone.

When unable to move the plot along, go back to the beginning and polish, tweak, fix, etc., getting a new running start that will burst you through that sticking point and carry you triumphantly to the finish line! You hope.

Well, yes, it's true that I've imagined that and much worse about certain neighbors.

Daniel Keys Moran  
@DavidDvorkin But is it really? I can see a use case.

A most unfortunate typo in a post on Nextdoor:

"Hi Neighbors, am looking for an affordable hangman to do a small job on my property..."

Yeah, it's Fox News, but I love the headline.

Nurse fired for secret affair with patient who died during sex in hospital parking lot

Here's a bit of info about the Threads Web interface. The home page,, displays a holding pattern at this point, but you can go directly to a person's feed on the Web if you know the username. E.g., my name on threds is ddnothingelse, and you can go to my feed there at this link:

It's strange to think that I'm a member of the Silent Generation. When I was a teenager and young adult, the older generation constantly complained about how much noise we made, especially our music.

From time to time, for my own amusement, I try to come up with an absurd name for the hero of an adventure thriller, but I can only think up ones that sound tongue in cheek, such as Hatchett "Hatch" Manly.

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