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Done. The first male #penis I have ever posted and ever wanted to see on the internet. 😶

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Something I've learned as a InfoSec practitioner, with a passion for industrial physical incidents:
It's actually pretty rare an incident is truly novel or unanticipated. The rub is managing risk and getting it addressed by management and culture.
That's the _hard_ part. And it is absolutely valid.

Yet another sign that the footprint of the death penalty is shrinking. I thank Gov. Shapiro of Pennsylvania.

Here’s the first part of his statement today:

Today, I'm announcing I will not issue any execution warrants during my term as Governor.

When one comes to my desk, I will sign a reprieve every time — and I’m asking the General Assembly to send me a bill abolishing the death penalty in Pennsylvania once and for all…

#DeathPenalty #CapitalPunishment #Abolition

I'm pretty sure Mastodon is the first social network I've been on that didn't immediately ask me to betray all of the people in my address book.

USA politics - no more loyal opposition 

It sucks that the USA has only one loyal political party now. It's hard enough holding politicians accountable in a two party system, but now any time Democrats screw up, voting for an alternative will create a high chance of installing a government that wants to abolish elections.

Three years ago there were 65,000 sheets of paper containing hand-written measurements of rainfall taken all across the UK & Ireland before 1960.

Virtually all of the 5.28 million observations on these sheets were unavailable to climate scientists as they had never been digitised.

There seem to be a number of pundits insisting that anything short of putting trans people in camps is not "an attack on trans people's rights."

Please understand how ridiculous that sort of characterization is.

I mean, think about this for just a sec: LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, the list goes on and on. The VERY first thing these platforms will do after you've installed the app and logged in is to ask you to share all of the information in your address book. Ever wonder how these social networks got so big so fast? It's remarkable how much of their growth is based on convincing everyone it's totally fine and normal to give away all of the contact information given to them by friends, family and acquaintances.

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Is there a guide for incorporating Mastodon to your website? For example, people can show their twitter feed (most recent post) on their website. I'd also like to see suggestions for how best to link out to "follow me" or "share this"....and icons we could use. I did a quick search of and, but only came up with information on how to embed a single post on the website (

This is my first post on a Mastodon server of any kind. I am the blind writer, blogger, social critic and various other things around the blindness world. I am currently the publisher of the news and information site World Blind herald ( blind and will probably post a fair amount about that project. I’m also interested in a lot of other things and, as I find more people to follow, my posts will likely vary in subject matter more over time. #blind #blindness #introduction

All major road-building projects in Wales are scrapped over environmental concerns


Can we do the same in England too?

We don't need any new roads. All they do is attract even more cars, bringing even more pollution, noise, danger and ugliness

Keep it simple…

Find someone who makes you a better person.

Leave the world better than you found it.

One of the biggest public health failures was the notion that if something doesn’t work 100% it’s not worth doing. This is why people scoff at masks, hand washing, even vaccines. Viral load is a factor. Any way you minimize exposure helps.

Like many who were enslaved when they were born, #FrederickDouglass did not know his birthdate. So, he adopted February 14th as his birthday. He remains among the most brilliant, fierce, eloquent, prescient Americans in history and, by forcing America to live up to its founding creed. represents TRUE patriotism.

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #History #News #Histodon #valentinesday

The SuperBowl and everything around it reminds me of Aldous Huxley's theory of "herd poison" from "Brave New World Revisited". From the idea that it's a 'must see' event, to the compulsion to wager bets on it, to the fan riots... everyone just agrees to spend the evening hypnotized by the spectacle.

I watched a bit of the superbowl, and it left me fairly depressed about the state of our culture. The gambling advertisements were the biggest downer (I haven't watched in a few years, so that's all new to me). I also had to point out to my kids that the Chiefs quarterback is a bad role-model for continuing to play on an injured leg. I suppose I could have been cheered by the big celebration of inclusivity as a value, but it felt like just another advertising campaign, particularly as one of the teams in the game continues to treat conquered people as mascots. But hey, I guess that mass culture has always been a shitshow.

I think @jeffjarvis takes the right lessons from media history into the ChatGPT/LLM debates in his response to Ted Chiang

Looking back at historical technological shifts, we see folks worried about potential harms—of, say, the printing press. But our lesson isn’t "look how silly they were!" because in every case they were partly right—the press did contribute to more misinformation, even violence

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