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US politics - Trump's conspiracy to overthrow the government 

When I say Trump openly plotted a coup, I mean is that he was recruiting members of the political elite to publicly endorse a coup attempt, which would lend a veneer of legitimacy of a subsequent coup. He may have never 'pulled the trigger', and it may not be possible to convict him of any crimes, but that doesn’t change the political fact that he was claiming the powers of the President despite clearly losing the election. If he had won that elite support, many of his appointees probably would have ignored legal orders from President Biden and obeyed illegal orders from Trump, leaving it to the military, civil service, and law enforcement to decide whose orders to follow; we’d be in the middle of a civil war right now. 2/8


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People tell me they're afraid of AI and computers taking over the world but if it helps: I'm really not.

For the last few decades since Terminator came out, we've been hard at work building in a dead man's switch to every major system on Earth to prevent this from happening. I guarantee you that if computers try to take over the world, somewhere, within a month, a certificate for some critical dependency no one ever considered will expire and take all the machines out at once. We've done a few dozen trial runs of this to make sure the system works. 100% success rate so far.

Many doctors are great, but most are overworked (in the USA) and plenty are arrogant assholes. Only idiots would let them be gatekeepers over our access to medicine.

#OtD 5 Feb 1885 King Leopold of Belgium declared his new colony the Congo Free State. What followed was one of the most horrific examples of European colonialism, with 8 to 10 million killed. More on colonialism in the Congo here:

The idea that you need to be constantly busy just to justify being alive is utterly corrosive. It eats away at simply enjoying being alive, and turns the point of living into an endless list of tasks and duties.

#JoinIn #burnout #Productivity #mindfulness

"People coming from Twitter tend to think of the fediverse as a Twitter-replacement for the obvious reasons, and thus use Mastodon (or perhaps, but that’s only a fraction of its potential. The question isn’t if the fediverse can replace Twitter, but if protocols can usurp platforms in our life online. With enough momentum the fediverse can be the fabric of the social web, incorporating existing systems like Tumblr and Medium and outright replacing stragglers."

I can't get over this New York Times headline saying Ron DeSantis is "building his brand" by wrecking public education in Florida. It reminds me of NYT’s first mention of Hitler in 1922, which claimed his anti-Semitism wasn’t “genuine” or “violent” but was just “bait” to attract followers. From 1922 to 2023, NYT is still covering fascists from a marketing perspective rather than a moral perspective.

Well, that didn't take long. We're starting to see almost-believable autogenerated text being used so spam our issue tracker.

There's a legitimate chance that ChatGPT and their ilk are going to kill participatory open source. How can you keep any forums open to the public, when anyone can just pour an arbitrary amount of generated garbage into them?

How do you tell a smart but green contributor who's still learning the language from a thousand bots spewing averacitous trash?

Hi I'm Joe,

Refugee from defederated, re-establishing my beloved connections and looking for new ones.

For now, looking to connect on these topics:
#SciFi #ScienceFiction
#ClassicMovies #Cinemastodon

#introductions #introduction #mastodon

Huge forest fires are spreading rapidly in #Chile. In only 3 days, tens of thousands of acres have burned. Air quality is extremely poor. Temperatures have surpassed 40°C / 104°F. #IncendioForestales

Satellite imagery + detected heat over the past 3 days, Feb 2-4:

Imagine being terrified by a Chinese spy balloon but ignoring a virus which is killing thousands of Americans a week and creating chronic disease and shortening the life expectancy of many others.


Overall, I hate the attitude that flying is essential and glamorous and "our right gosh darnit". We set up our lives as though flying is a trivial process, we shrug off the pollution costs and our governments throw massive subsidies at immense airports and airlines as though they are essential (which they are, only to the extent that we've planned everything around them). When we take flying for granted, we leave out all the people who can't easily fly. Boosters present flying as a way to connect the world - as though the people traveling all the time act as representatives of local interests, but in fact the people who fly have turned into a class of their own without connection to their local communities.

What I hate about flying #7 

The noise from overhead flights. Even though I live >10 miles from the airport, I still constantly hear flights passing overhead.

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What I hate about flying #6 

The crappy junkfood. Both in the airport and on the plane the food is overpriced and not as nutritious as my normal fare.

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What I hate about flying #5 

The hustle: getting to the airport, dealing with security lines, waiting in the airport, catching connecting flights...

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What I hate about flying #4 

The greenhouse gas emissions -- a small number of people doing a huge amount of damage

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What I hate about flying #2 

The smell of jet exhaust while sitting on the runway

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What I hate about flying #1 

Flying is physically exhausting. Between the pressure changes and the dry air, I'm feeling pretty wiped out by the time we land.

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