I bet you’ve heard of Galileo & Hubble, but what about Henrietta Swan Leavitt?

Leavitt changed astronomy. She figured out new ways to measure a star’s distance from Earth & her work helped determine the universe is expanding.

Her boss, Edward Pickering, published her findings UNDER HIS NAME. Later, Shapley used her findings to determine distances around the Milky Way w/o credit.

Leavitt’s work is still used today. So next time you hear about famous men in #science share her remarkable story.

A battery filled with algae is somehow managing to power this computer for months: newscientist.com/article/23195

No-one's quite sure what's going on. Possibly the algae is serving as the medium catalyzing the interaction between the anode and cathode in the battery.

Except research shows the anode isn't degrading, which suggests ...

... the *algae* is producing the electrons.

Some thoughts on this in my blog post here, item 6: clivethompson.medium.com/lavaf

Americans should name mass shootings the way they do hurricanes but after Republicans who accept payments from the NRA.

I wrote a quick start guide for Mastodon (from the POV of someone who fled bird site last week). Let me know if you think there's anything I should add.


This right here. I refer to this as the memeification of politics and it's dangerous.

Intro post - still getting used to everything - newbie tips welcome!

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