Really important to reflect on self-worth. Essentially, full pay restoration is the absolute minimum we should be fighting for.

It's been entertaining seeing the reaction to the when I've mentioned it before... learnt helplessness indeed.

they put a christmas sweater on the t-rex at the national history museum in london and it's ridiculous and adorable

Jeremy Hunt raised the Windfall tax on
• oil & gas companies from
25% to 35% with large loopholes

• wind farms from
0% to 45% with only tiny loopholes

Why that way round?
Is it that the UK government is in thrall to fossil fuel interests?

The holiday season is now upon us. Love that we get to have in our lives as a year tradition. A thoroughly amazing time was enjoyed by all!

UK Politics - NHS 

Not sure I ever remember a letter like this being published before. Tacit acknowledgment from the highest levels that the #NHS is creaking at the seams and it’s only November.

@benlovell here is a "starter for 10" of people from #MedTwitter


Also worth using to find people you follow on Twitter that have put their Mastodon details in their profile

You might know me from #medtwitter and my insufferably twee piano videos featuring my cats
I am now on #MedMastodon trying to make sense of chaos
Please say so I can follow you and make my timeline more interesting

Workforce is the key limiting factor in improving acute care both in the short and long term.
Today @acutemedicine joins health organisations calling for the NHS long-term workforce plan to be published. #StrengthInNumbers

It looks like #MedTwitter may soon be a thing of the past so I’m reposting my #MedMastodon introduction in the hope of reconnecting with many who have been part of the family over there.

My name is Oli. I’m a Junior Doctor just outside (or inside, depending on your viewpoint) London. I tweeted and will continue to Toot to document life as a doctor starting out in the #NHS.

Looking forward to connecting or reconnecting with you here. #MedTwitterMigration.

Hi everyone. Nice to connect over here now Twitter has gone to the dogs. Follow if interested in medical research, politics and sport. 😀

Hello everyone. I am a consultant physician (attending) in acute internal medicine in London. On Twitter I do occasional threads on the management of acute illness. Profile here created in case Twitter goes into meltdown. :twitter:

Today it’s the International Day of LGBTQIA+ People in STEM and we are extremely excited for our conference on community and careers! #LGBTQSTEMDay

Had a #SpineRace meeting last night & ended up chatting about the medical challenges these two geezers put me through on various record runs.

Anyone else out there had symptomatic hyponatraemia or a GI bleed from endurance running? (Shared with consent)

Working as an event medic has taught me an enormous amount. I love the ultrarunning community & the work. Also kinda think these two are ok geezers 😉 🤗

#EAH #ExerciseAssociatedHyponatraemia #GIBleed #EventMedic #EventMedicine #UltraRunning

The Buttermere Pines. It took me at least ten years to get this shot. I'd tried in all seasons and weathers. This day I struck lucky, everything fell nicely into place. #Cumbria #LakeDistrict #Buttermere #sunset #reflection

I feel a bit out of the loop with mastodon this past week - had a lot going on and not much internal bandwidth to add here.

However, I've had a fab time at - an meeting in the UK. Some of my main takeaways:

1. Massive work to do with big data and it's need to impact further evidence based medicine!
2. Utilisation of tools to discourage inappropriate deprescribing in pregnancy.
3. Need to get out of our silos and work collaboratively across a person's care, especially when complex. System approach needed.
4. Continue to tackle discrimination and stigma of diseases such as HIV, and champion the amazing work being done
5. The multilevel work needed to tackle racial discrimination and care within pregnancy: maternal mortality rate if 5x higher in black population
6. Hypertensive disease in pregnancy is so much more complex than we realise when we sit in clinic, but underpins so much morbidity, much of which we don't fully realise yet. Very much iceberg effect.
7. It's massively inspiring seeing so many IMTs at MOMS who are so passionate even after the pressures of the last few years.

Follow me if you're interested in so we can network on this non-bird platform!

So, I've decided after a bit of an explore, to repeat this tomorrow after some well earned sleep.

However, being a , I thought I'd post a few of my fluffballs. Meet Jade & Bailey.

So, introduction post... eeek!

I've starting my migration over from the failing bird app to look for a platform to continue keeping up-to-date with like minded folk. I tend to enjoy learning from others in the field and will often post things acute med, obs med or leadership in medicine related.

Anyone got the hang of this app yet? It's going to take a while

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