The God of the Machine
Isabel Paterson

Found it for free... :

… the right to life and liberty are inalienable has been forgotten or deliberately obscured. Persons unaccustomed to attach exact meanings to words will say that the fact that a man may be unjustly executed or imprisoned negates this proposition. It does not. The right is with the victim none the less j and very literally it cannot be alienated, for alienated means passing into the possession of another. One man cannot enjoy either the life or liberty of another. If he kills ten men he will not thereby live ten lives or ten times as long 5 nor is he more free if he puts another man in prison. Rights are, by definition, inalienable only privileges can be transferred. Even the right to own property cannot be alienated or transferred j though a given item of property can be. If one man's rights are infringed, no other man obtains them; on the contrary, all men are thereby threatened with a similar injury."

Note: Government, whether intentionally or unintentionally, has obscured this fact which took the western world 3,000 years to figure out. And, most societies around the world continue to struggle to achieve. It is only those who have seen and experienced true liberty who know its value and those in power who have seen and experienced it know how it rails against the control of their masses. Thus, creating more control and more illegitimate government to suppress it.

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