soapbox-fe v0.9 BETA released today! 🎉 Plus an updated website:

Calling on beta testers to try it out and give feedback. Thanks!


@alex I would love to try out the software. I’m particularly interested in starting my own instance in a Ubuntu virtual box on my PC. Would that work?

I have attempted to set up an instance in the past before but I could not get the pleroma to work in Ubuntu. I have been interested in doing this for about a year. I’ve followed many sites and how tos but no luck. Do you have recommendations for a noob with big ambitions?

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@EVoCeO @alex friend, save yourself the headache and spend 20$ on a VPS for a year you will have much less of a headache

@graf @alex good heads up. Thanks for the info. It brings up a few questions tho. Is it smart to host a pleroma stack there? Can I troubleshoot it without massive remote delay? Back ups? Stuff like that. Comparability? Honestly I’m trying to avoid centralized control of any decentralized systems. But it’s difficult. Right?

@EVoCeO @alex there is very rarely input delay when working over ssh. it's up to you where or how you host it I was just offering a cheap single user provider that works well with pleroma

there is also the option if you don't want to config everything yourself
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