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That it took this long for Biden to take what is obviously the only actually persuasive position on vaccination is proof that they aren't evil.

Sorry, they were stupid all along. They were terrified of their own bullshit and had be dragged kicking and screaming by the vaccine-reluctant a position at least a little bit sane. If everyone had run out and gotten the vaccines, and lines had been full, and basically nobody objected to it, Biden would still be asking you to wear six masks and a face shield and a hoola-hoop.
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1. Deleted databases
2. No chain of custody
3. Nobody knows the admin password
4. Election officials panicking
5. Huge amounts of digitally adjudicated ballots
6. Not allowed to look at the router
7. Router shared with at least 50 other networks
8. Election run by a private vendor
9. A hundred lawyers defending election officials
10. Soros’ Sheriff running interference

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@StephenM: "Making matters even more dire, border agents are being forced to catch-and-release, the # of got aways is well over 1K a day, & smugglers are using the surge of illegal families/minors to divert BP & bring lethal contraband into US. The worst border crisis, by far, in US history.

#ClownInChief #Biden #Democrats #openborders #illegalaliens #FinishTheWall #BidenBorderCrisis


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Maricopa AZ audit
72 GB adjudication ballot files were deleted on April 12, just before handing over to auditors.


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quite paternalistic.

I prefer the proven successful approach of PDJT: invite the Palestinians to the table; when the Palestinian "leaders" inevitably refuse to talk peace with Israel, work around them.

Let's all repeat this undersung refrain: The Abraham Accords!

What do Hamas & BLM have in common? Both led by grifters who stoke violence at high cost in actual lives to those they purport to represent. (Bonus for knowing also both funded by international terrorist state Iran).

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“Startling Stats 6.0” Show No Signs of Border Crisis Slowing Down

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. John Katko (R-NY), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, released the latest edition of the “Startling Stats” fact sheet, detailing new data on the crisis at the southwest border.


Maricopa election equipment wiped before delivery to audit.
This is criminal.
People need to go to jail for this.

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A Jewish man was just lynched in Jaffa by the suffering Pals. He's in critical condition. In other news, Pal teens just destroyed a synogogue in Lod by torching it. I have lost any sympathy I might have had for the Pals after seeing this.


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The only people Liz Cheney attacked over the last several months were Republicans, and the only people who defended Cheney were Democrats.

That’s why House Republicans just fired her, and it’s why Wyoming voters are going to fire her next November.
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@greg_price11: "Something to keep in mind about the situation in Gaza is that this is the first time Hamas has fired rockets at Jerusalem since the 2014 Gaza War.

It also comes a few weeks after Joe Biden restored millions in funding to Palestinian orgs on the ground that the Trump admin froze"

#ClownInChief #Biden #Hamas #terrorism #Israel


(H/T @barnes_law RT )

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What goes fubar first?

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No 0ne signed the fictitious "we're splitting from the GOP" statement.

No one of note has acknowledged doing-so, and the effort's organizers also fail to name a single notable Republican who is on-board.

Conclusion: fake effort,, fake story, #FakeNews

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@davereaboi: "From his home base in QATAR, Hamas political director—and literal US designated terrorist—Ismail Haniyeh tweets his support. He won’t be banned from Twitter, tho; you will. [screenshots]"

#Qatar #Hamas #terrorism #Israel #TwitterIsAGodforsakenHellsite


(H/T @Roncoleman RT )

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