Mina "Minoskins" "Mina Mina Jelly-Bean-a" Silverio-Zink left us yesterday evening at the age of 17, following seven months of enduring an aggressive cancer.

She was a "real trouper of a cat”, in David's words. In the words of all the vet staff who interacted with her over the last year, "a sweetheart who started purring the moment we touched her”. In the words of the innumerable rats she slaughtered and dumped at our feet over the years, "an unholy terror; avoid”.

She had short stubby legs, a very round head, and glossy dense black fur that looked chocolatey in sunlight. She was a luxurious cat to pat because of that fur and her easy-start purr motor. She didn't so much meow as chirp, and would have long erp-brrt conversations with me at times.

Her passing was painless and involved purring and belly-rubs.

In her memory, please post the cutest photo of your pet or pets you have.

I'll start. Here is a photo of Mina eating cheese, her second favorite food after raw fish. Here is also a photograph of her attempting to stifle me.


@ceejbot @lisamelton So sorry for your loss, she looks like such a special cat. Thank you for sharing her story.

This is Annie, she has chirpy conversations too.

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