Progress, the maker of the MOVEit Transfer file-sharing platform recently exploited in widespread data theft attacks, warned customers to patch a maximum severity vulnerability in its WS_FTP Server software.

Kia ora Fediverse, I’m #OpenToWork! 👋

I am a Product Designer (UX/UI) with over 3 years of expertise crafting user-centric experiences ranging from native mobile app interfaces, to web-based dashboards.

I live in Aotearoa New Zealand and prefer remote, but I’m open to on-site opportunities in Te Whanganui-a-Tara 💨.

If you or someone you know is looking for a designer, I’d love to chat! (Links in bio)

Mā te wā! 💚

(PS: I’m available to start ASAP!)

#Design #ProductDesign #UX #UI #FediHired

We are seeking a temporary part-time audience editor to work from mid-October through December.

We’re open to remote candidates but applicants must be eligible to work in the U.S.

The expected pay rate for this position is $45 an hour for 15 to 20 hours per week.

Get more details and apply here:

#Poll #Linux

Of the following, which do you prefer?

(Please boost for reach.)

From a review of research on grades, with special emphasis on university science classes:
"At best, grading motivates high-achieving students to continue getting high grades - regardless of whether that goal happens to overlap with learning."
And "at worst"? Don't ask...:

The anthropologist Jules Henry once put it this way: “In order not to fail, most students are willing to believe anything and [not to care] whether what they’re told is true or false.”

Anyone work at a company they like that's hiring #PhD #research interns for summer 2024? Interested in roles related to #ComputerScience #DataVisualization #ExplainableAI #Genomics #Bioinformatics #SoftwareEngineering #ML #interpretability #EDA #DataAnalytics

I'm a third year PhD student in Computer Science at an R1 university (completed MS coursework), and a dual citizen USA/EU :) Thanks for boosting! #GetFediHired

If you'd like your (public) posts to appear in search results on Mastodon, remember that you need to opt-in. Edit Profile → Privacy and Reach → Include public posts in search results. 14K people have opted-in so far!

Long shot, but I'm getting bored of not working:

Any #gamedev #ttrpg companies NOT know what #UXResearch is?
If you don't, then you need to hire me! 😄

I'll make sure your users can learn about and interact with your platforms in a pleasing way, eliminating frustrations.
It's like play-testing but for your UI.

#2832 Urban Planning Opinion Progression 

If they're going to make people ride bikes and scooters in traffic, then it should at LEAST be legal to do the Snow Crash thing where you use a hook-shot-style harpoon to catch free rides from cars.

Hey all, looks like I'm in the market for a new job for real this time. Senior software developer, skilled in Python, automation, system design, and a bunch of other stuff, really good at getting along with people, also a teacher and good technical writer. Looking for jobs that make the world a better place to be. Like, I'll take a serious pay cut to work in the right place. Primarily remote required. Please boost, thanks!

The latest version of Mastodon (4.2.0) brings full text search, so you can search by words instead of hashtags.

However, for privacy reasons this only includes posts by people who have actively opted into full text search.

If your server is updated to 4.2.0 and you want to opt into full text search:

1. Log into your server's website
2. Click your profile icon
3. Click "Edit Profile"
4. Click tab "Privacy & Reach"
5. Tick box "Include Public Posts In Search results"
6. Click "Save Changes"

TFW the solution to your problem is much simpler than you initially thought

Alrighty folks, Skype a Scientist is doing alright. 1,130 classrooms signed up this fall. That's...ok!

Buuuut we have so many scientists twiddling their thumbs waiting to get matched.


Do the thing humans are built to do. Connect with people! Tell an educator you know we exist! Send them this picture! Send them a link! Send them both!

Folks can sign up to be matched on our website here

UKPOL, Government, Oil, EV, ICE 

#Oil company #executives #celebrate after #Sunak announces a load of excuses as to why the UK can't go all-electric by 2030… all while they continue to benefit from massive #taxbreaks given them by the UK government at the expense of the country's citizens, who are paying increasinlyg high prices for fuel.

The same oil company executives who knew that climate change was taking place decades ago, buried the evidence, and have plowed trillions into propping up pro-pollution governments around the world.

The same oil company executives who argue that customers should have a choice while millions of people around the world suffer at the hand of #anthropogenic #climatechange.

Our entire team are furious. Help us get the word out and debunk this kind of nonsense while building a more equitable, sustainable future for EVERYONE.

Out of curiosity, and I understand that this is a super ominous question, but... if someone were to play as a clown in D&D, what sort of spells would a clown... have?

“NASA is hiding proof of aliens!” has to be one of the funniest takes ever.

NASA is comprised almost entirely of nerds like most of us on here.

If NASA had proof of alien life they’d be throwing a massive kegger on top of the Johnson Space Center and submitting a budget to Congress for eleventy trillion dollars.

#Space #UFOs #Aliens #UAP #Science #NASA

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