Current #cawx status: 🌬️

Trees snapped in half. Ferry unable to dock and people getting seasick. Amtrak derailed. Big rig overturned on the Bay Bridge.

Effectively a baby hurricane. This video explainer is really good/scary:

It's happening... More followers here on Mastodon than on Twitter. And y'all are much nicer here too.

We haven’t stopped since Saturday, when we filmed this, to get you our #FirstDrive report of the #NissanAriya_e4orce .

It’s packed with stuff! (And it’s like a more approachable BMW iX)

Nissan Ariya e-4orce AWD First Drive Review: Why Nissan Nailed It.

Today is the big day! 🎈Join us TODAY at 3 PM CET for a special LIVE event.

We have exciting news to share! ✨

Watching heroic efforts from devs and qa on the death march to release...

Firstly, why do this to yourselves? Just stop adding new features and taking change requests a week before release. Focus on bugs and perf and compatibility instead, polish polish polish.

And secondly, how much of "hustle culture" is management celebrating the fact that eng has saved their asses from their poor job performance? Last minute heroic efforts to ship are a sign of management failure, not 'great hustle'.


I am asking for your help as part of a research project I'm working on. We would appreciate you spreading the word to your network contacts.

We are looking to survey US-based vulnerability researchers who have reported a vulnerability to a US-based organization in the last 24 months.

We expect the survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and we are offering paid compensation to respondents.

The survey URL is

Thanks in advance for your help!

I prefer that accountability be dispensed by the Department of Justice, not history.

I wish more people understood that "I want the computer to generate a natural language text that sounds like a plausible answer to a question about x" and "I want the computer to answer a question about x" are two very different problems.

This darling little Robyn dozed off during snuggle time this evening. My heart just melted seeing her relaxed and restful. #Porkettes #GuineaPigs #Cavies #Sows #PorkettePrincesses #CavyLove #PorketteLove #GuineaLove

Okay, so, I just found out that I'm being laid off. My department is being completely dissolved.

I'm really sad, because I was doing full remote data entry, and I've never been happier with a job in my life. My mental health has never been better, either.

So, can anyone point me towards a fully-remote position that involves working with data, not phones? I swear, I'm super qualified and really good at this. I work hard, and I'm dependable.

“In this country, no one, even President Clinton, is above the law.” -- Ken Starr, 1998

The problem is not that "AI" will replace coders.

The problem is that leadership *thinks* that "AI" can replace coders.

I suspect docker removing the free tier is going to absolutely devistate them. All the open-source software, which is what dominated docker, is now scrambling to find alternatives.

Also since docker treates docker hub as first class for fetching images I suspect people will move off docker entierly.

It is going to be pretty crazy for the open source community too having all the images they depend on just disapear. Dev chains everywhere are going to break...

I guess on the #Fediverse it's not a bad thing to boost your old posts. On other platforms I always kinda felt bad about it, it made me feel selfish ego centric smug.

However, on here it feels natural because if I'm having a moment and that opinion still stands and matters to me, I know I can re-post it by boosting because not everyone saw it the first time. #Mastodon

Special Database 18 – The Markup

‘One academic study that cited the use of Special Database 18 for analysis was titled “Criminal tendency detection from facial images and the gender bias effect” and described the study as an effort to “explore a new level of image understanding, inferring criminal tendency from facial images via deep learning.”’

#infosec #ethics #inherentbias #ML

Rural Florida sounds like an unlikely location for one of the first V4 Tesla Supercharger sites in the US, but I somehow convinced myself it was possible and went to investigate. #electricvehicles

As of 3 days ago Linus Trovalds and other kernel developers are now ont he fedi @torvalds is his handle if you want to follow.

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