In shameless self promotion here is a link to my book on Male Mate Choice again. It just came out as paperback in England, the US has to wait again for a few months.

In today's science news: George Santos is reportedly going to serve on the Science, Space and Technology Committee

George Santos, the liar and imposter was placed on the Science committee. Only Republicans can offend like this. :blobangery:

Seems like Florida is very attractive for losers - of elections.

Do you want to go to the Evolution meeting in 2023? Do you live outside of a high GDP country? Check out @eseb 's conference travel award!

German police thwarted a storm on the Bundestag by right-wing extremists. Thanks!

New publication from our lab illustrating the complex case of social attraction in wood warblers. Congratulations to Shannon Luepold to the publication of her first #phd chapter! 👏 With @kokkonut #ornithology #birds #woodwarbler besjournals.onlinelibrary.wile

German soccer team decided to boycott the rest of the Worldcup. Well done.

Job: Theoretical eco-evo postdoc in Mainz (Germany) 

I realize I posted this one back then on a site that wasn't owned by Musk yet; never here so far. Also, the deadline is conveniently a week away (4th Dec to be precise) so a reminder is in place anyway!

My lab is moving to the University of #Mainz. If you're into #LifeHistory #theory/#modelling and would like to interact with whoever visits the future "theory hub" of the #Kokkonuts, read this ad!


Does Elon Musk have an account on Mastodon? I'd like to follow him.....

Save the date! We are delighted and honoured to host the next #Behaviour2023 conference, 14-20 August 2023!

Learn more about the conference in

See you all in Bielefeld!

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