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Here's a great post from @sjwrenlewis looking at how we might better understand our level of prosperity, and its relation to #productivity & #inequality - this goes down a slightly different route to my (simpler) preference for GDP per capita, but by including productivity & inequality as central elements of the analysis offers a more nuanced & explanatory approach - thanks Simon; once more insights packaged up clearly & with good data!


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@Gargron I hope you don't add it, but if you do, at least give us the option to block quoted posts from people, please.

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The 1940s were the Wild West of nuclear physics at Los Alamos. One scientist was doing criticality experiments with a plutonium core where the only tool preventing the beryllium shield from dropping over the core and making it go critical was a screwdriver held in his hand. The screwdriver slipped and the scientist received 10 Grays of radiation. He didn’t live much longer.


#weirdhistory #science #nuclearphysics

Welcome @brianmoore666 I’ve found this a more pleasant place than Twitter. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on here.

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Until I moved from the dead bird site to Mastodon I never realized that I had so much pent up civility.

Doddie Weir / MND 

was an inspiration. Rest In Peace. is an awful disease, hopefully Doddie’s legacy will be an increase in research which leads to effective treatments.

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I’m new here and thought I’d better introduce myself.

I’m Jim and I work for a company which supplies technical equipment to the festival & event industry. A lot of what we do is temporary power-I’m particularly interested in doing this with environmentally sustainable methods.

I got to this bit of my life via a degree in Physics and Maths and a stint as a touring sound engineer.

I’m also a dad and foster carer. I’m interested in cool power tech, data, interesting people

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