The big green release button has been pressed and all the evil demons have been released. Go grab your copy of #HallsOfTorment over on Steam. It's below $5 and people told me it's fun as hell 😈
#madewithgodot #indiegame #gaming #roguelite

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Is there no way to mute a word/phrase on Ivory app? It didn’t seems to have a feature on this app or am I missing something? :/

In the fundamental lore of The Legend of Zelda, the primary plot device is the tri-force, divided into Wisdom, Power, and Courage with each facet represented by Zelda, Ganon, and Link respectively.

The very fact that the protagonist of the game, Link, possesses Courage but not Wisdom amounts, essentially, to the developers labeling their main character a dumbass, and in this essay I will


Sad that my friends building apps on Twitter got cut off from the API - I spent a lot of time working to keep that API alive - but, happy to see folks like Tapbots here building on #mastodonapi texasmonthly.com/news-politics

I just discovered that #Ivory is now out for OS/X - how did I miss this? And I love it! Thanks @ivory @tapbots @paul

Visual Studio added color coded brackets and now things are looking pretty (and neon)

VGC just posted:

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is the worst reviewed game of 2023

The game was released today for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles



Atheism Is Value Neutral, Until You Ruin It with Dogmatism (a Rant). 

I have been so frustrated by my fellow #atheists recently. One person goes off on how #atheism is good because it is true and #religion ought to be criticized because it is false.

I'm a strong atheist. There are no #gods, and I'm pretty damn sure of it. But how dare you take that knowledge and use it to bludgeon people who don't share it? Everything we know about the universe is a remarkably small fraction of what we don't know. It is totally #rational to come to the conclusion that there are no gods and to act as if there are no gods, but don't act like that gives you the right to behave like a shithead.

Way too many atheists left their gods behind only to keep the zealous #dogmatism that drives religions to persecute others and to start wars against non-#believers.

If you left the concept of religion behind only to keep the worst parts of it, then what was the point? You're not interested in #truth; you just want to be #right. You're no better than the #religions that you put on blast.

And, as an #atheist myself, I find that fucking sad.

(These same people also think all #theism amounts to Western Protestantism, so their ignorance is flabbergasting. I'm so annoyed right now by my own.)

Polygon just posted:

Amouranth launches AI chatbot that lets fans go on ‘dates’ with ‘her’

A new parasocial relationship just dropped



Welp. This has crossed my social timelines again today. And the ONE RULE I want to carry over from that bird place is this one: if the Tom Holland Lip Sync Battle Umbrella video arrives in your timeline, you must share the Tom Holland Lip Sync Battle Umbrella video.



Poll: How do you access Mastodon? (Please boost for reach, TIA).

@mcc @aeva don’t stress, it gets better; after a few years experience, and detailed scrutiny of the manual, you will find that you are able to come up with your own ffmpeg command invocations that don’t fucking work.

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