TL:DR Urine is not sterile.
Sorry for this post but I have nearly been a dreaded reply-guy or akshully-man so many times & I cannot take it any more.
I analyse urine under a microscope literally every day. It isn’t sterile. It always contains either cells (metaplastic squamous, urothelial or inflammatory) bacteria, parasites, crystals or other artefacts. It is rarely Ph-neutral (the term uric acid gives one a clue).
Niche rant but this is Mastodon. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

We're not just an Instagram alternative!

Collections allow you to group posts together, like a recent trip, or a bunch of recipes (like Pinterest)

Portfolios highlight a curated list of your posts with a unique URL and customization (like DeviantArt)

Groups are a way to explore communities based on shared interests/topics (like Flickr)

We continue to develop features for artists, photographers and everyone in between! ✨

“Like, I'm sorry, but if you're consistently consuming media that you don’t like in the year 2024, that’s a skill issue!”

I Should Probably Go to Bed: A Tragedy

by Dr. SkySkull

🐈 team fortress 2 has over one million steam reviews.... if everyone who reviewed it paid 1 dollar then valve would be a millionaire

Reminder that Sci-Hub should not be used to get copies of unobtainable academic books in non-STEM disciplines, either.

A regularly updated list of servers to avoid may be found at @scihub

A thing I wish… like, okay, so the browser vendors can't code audit every browser extension for safety, I get it. But like, *I* could audit for safety. A lot of extensions aren't that big. I wish there was a button for just like, "read the source" that I could click before clicking install! Just let me give-it a once-over. I could look it up on Github but then how do I know they didn't modify the source before uploading to

Even a "Add to firefox, but initially disabled" would help.

Woodworking YouTube. “Build a table for $100”: Proceeds to take $100 worth of wood and a $5k table saw, $1k planer, $3k jointer, $2k band saw and hundreds of dollars worth of clamps to build said table.

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Retro Gamer magazine (a favorite of ours) we mined the depths of Cabel's basement to photograph a (highly unstable) tower of back issues to make a fun back cover.

Happy 20, Retro Gamer!!

(magazine pic from mark lentz, thx mark)

A fun part of putting together the 10 Years Ago This Month column is finding stories of serial entrepreneurs setting up their new thing and then going to LinkedIn to see what they're up to, only to discover they've memory holed all their unsuccessful projects so it's like "2004-2009: Did an actual successful thing" followed by a handful of advisory or board of director positions at start-ups other serial entrepreneur founders probably scrubbed from their own pages.

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