Love this online recipe hack!

If you add ““ to beginning of ANY recipe url (before the https:/) it strips away everything but the recipe and organizes the ingredients and method into separate columns.

Also adds a dictation option too!

#cooking #recipe

Health checks and internal networks are now in place. It went smoothly!

This should ensure that if our system crashes **for any reason** it will automatically restore itself. Should give us better uptime in the future.


QOTO Announcements & Polls  
We are going to try to add some healthchecks to our containers to help protect them in case they become unresponsive. No one on #QOTO should notice...

Me, abusing save states to find the one timeline where I can beat an SNK fighting game boss

One of my friends said, "Describe your life in another language, and you will realize how ridiculous it is." I didn't believe it until today. I'm kinda explaining what life looks like in China. It's pretty normal in Chinese words, but when you have to find those words to represent those Chinese only things, it becomes ridiculous.

For example, the house price. There is no land price in China since by law all lands are government properties and they lend the land to you because you buy a house. And the household registration thing, we called hukou (there is an entry on Wikipedia for this term), it basically limits the freedom of moving to a city. You must bond to a city/place before you can live. The bond requires government approval. Not mention the already scary thing, like during the covid19, the police will break into your house and force you to be isolated, not because you're affected but because they think you're suspicious.

That sentence might not always be correct. Sorry for my limited knowledge, but I assume if you live somewhere like Europe, then your life is not ridiculous at all. One's life won't become ridiculous just because they use different languages to describe. It sounds ridiculous because it's ridiculous. They just didn't notice that in their native/local language.

Hello Fediverse! Qoto seems to be back to full working order now that I’ve got an updating timeline. I’m wondering what new features await…

is back after a long migration in the first stage of our upgrade. Now that we are on a new home we will give it 24 horus to see if the move was bug free (As it seems to be) and then we will start upgrading versions one at a time day by day.. The upgrades are prepared and ready and should be **much** quicker.

The move took a while as we keep a backlog of every message to the start of the fediverse so our media and DB stores are quite large and it took a long time. But we are back!!!

I am on the hunt for a new role as an Engineering Manager. While my background is is Software Build and Delivery, DevSecOps, and SRE leadership, I am open to other broader EM opportunities if you are open to my broader leadership and project management experience.

If you'd like to learn more about my background, please check out my LinkedIn page over here:

Please boost for reach 🙏🏻

#lookingforwork #hiring

@mekkaokereke Large touch displays had the 'gorilla arm problem', eye fatigue (at the moment at least) feels like a related problem. Note there was no 'simple fix' for gorilla arm, you couldn't fight physics and biology. In my career as a UX designer, it's always the *perceived* little things that ended up not being little at all. This happens so often I have a phrase for it, "Triumph of the mundane". It works both positively and negatively.

Microsoft is working on an accessibility feature for Windows 11 described as a "voice avatar" called "Speak for Me." You type, the computer speaks, and it's your voice.

new Patreon posts up! Last month, I explained how the heck to make a custom Unreal navlink to make enemies precisely jump over gaps, or climb ladders, or any of that kind of thing:

It requires a TINY bit of .cpp, but I promise it's easy and also you can just copy-paste mine. Once you do that nasty part, the rest is Blueprint/in-editor. #UnrealEngine #IndieDev #GameDev

You ever write a long post and after you've finished you delete it because you suddenly realize that you just don't give a fuck as much as you thought you did?

So I snagged Immortals Fenyx Rising, that last gen Ubisoft game where they took the AC engine and made a Zelda BOTW kinda thing?


It hits different, now that every other game also aped BOTW. It feels (is) way less blatant. It adds a ton! There's a bunch of really novel mechanics in here, combat design is good too.

The demo turns out to have been terrible. Hated it. But the narration in the actual game is way more spread out, and thus actually fun? I just. Huh. It's actually great.

*Super Mario Sunshine's Yoshi percussion drum line*

Here's a fresh list of the top 17M site host URLs that you can convert to just the hostname or domain name with ease. Feed it into turbograb to quickly mass download the index page or other interesting stuff at scale

visionOS' Persona feature looks even worse in today’s demo video than it did at WWDC 💀 I think I'll just do audio calls…


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