(A follow up of my previous post)
How cool it is when a sci-fi novel's prediction comes true? (Or almost true)
One such example is a 'DYSON SPHERE' , it is an hypothetical structure that engirdles a star and absorbs its energy.
/A lame analogy - An advanced civilization builds trillions of space drone with high efficiency solar panels that flies and surrounds a star. Absorbs its energy and returns every time they need to recharge /
This structure was first described in a sci-fi novel 'Star Maker' (1937) written by Olaf Stapledon. Years later a young Freeman John Dyson reads this book, who later became a Theoretical physicist. One of his work includes a thought experiment that theorizes the existence of a megastructure analogous to the one in Star Maker novel. (He even published a proper research paper backing his theory)
Fast forward to 2015, Kepler Space Telescope noticed unusual light fluctuations in KIC 8462852 star. This unusual light pattern from the star is unexplainable till now. None of the hypothesis seems to explain such weird behaviour. But Dyson sphere theory could. This star is famously called as 'Tabby Star'

Could this be a sign of an advanced civilization?

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