Hey Langley! If you’re able, come on out and support @Centreforchild this holiday season. I can’t wait to meet you all and help make this a beautiful holiday season for some special kids. 💋 twitter.com/andybhatti/status/

Yes!!.. I think we’re about due for a new series right?.. Little baby Cassie Fraiser is the Doctor-Scientist-Captain of her own space station now. I’m into it. 🚀 twitter.com/sajessalyn/status/

I just turned down a free beer sample @bcliquorstores and then left empty-handed when they didn’t have the beer I wanted. Am I an adult now?.. or just broken?

Canadian strippers are athletes of the highest caliber. !

The new @disneyplus service drops in less than 18 hours. I’m so excited for everyone to see .. I had a blast doing the stunts on this film and can’t wait to share some fun twitter.com/KatieVanStuart/sta

Currently watching @AlgoMuyGordo with my sound designer and we cannot stop laughing. The Spanish has arrived, everyone watch this. @netflix .. twitter.com/KatieVanStuart/sta

Not a very long story, but a good’un: My friend @Sachin_Sahel formed a group called @ShipsAlliance , joined forces with @STOMPOutBullyng & has set sail on a bold adventure to unite all the under one banner of Love & friendship, thus stomping out cyber bullying. 💝 twitter.com/docfreemo/status/1

Thanks @renegadetvfan ..it’s pretty hard to pick a favourite project, as each one has its own amazing challenges and benefits. I just recently wrapped on show coming out next year on @Quibi . Keep your eye out for 👀 twitter.com/renegadetvfan/stat

Reading a scary script while husband watches the Shining at full volume in the next room.. 😱 - halp, send popcorn. 🍿

Damn, @lizzo legit makes me want to grow the fuck up and be a better man.

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