Oh shit. They totally figured out how to open doors.

Oh hey seasonal allergies! ..actually.. now’s not a great time, can I get back to you? ..no? .. cool cool cool.

In defense of all the Stargate team, the part was written for me to reprise and I was unfortunately unavailable. I am grateful that of anyone in world to carry the role forward other than myself, they chose @colleenrennison .. she is a power house and I adore her. 💙 twitter.com/agingerxyz/status/

✨Appreciation Advent - Day 30!!✨ *SERIES - swipe for besos* 📸 taken: November 19th - Best friend dog loves to have her picture taken. I steel dog kisses and she tolerates me as best she can.… instagram.com/p/B6uFCGqJvfX/?i

✨Appreciation Advent - Day 26!!✨ *SERIES + VIDEO* 📸 taken: October 10th-12th - Had just a stellar roadtrip with my puppetkillermovie fam. We slayed @screamcalgary and met some of the most incredible people (and… instagram.com/p/B6kfdwFJwBt/?i

I wore high wasted pants on Xmas.. rookie mistake, might as well have worn a corset. 🙇

✨Appreciation Advent - Day 24!!✨ 📸 taken: September 24th - May you find yourself in the warm embrace of good company and boisterous cheer tonight, and every night. Merry Christmas to all. 💋🎄… instagram.com/p/B6ey8qKJqvP/?i

✨Appreciation Advent - Day 22!!✨ *SERIES* 📸 taken: August 14-15 - So many incredible hikes this year with linzcancan & yasicat .. I heart these gorgeous women, and this was a particularly delicious hike that Linz… instagram.com/p/B6Z0j6Zp4Wz/?i

✨Appreciation Advent - Day 21!!✨ *SERIES* 📸 taken: August 2-3 - Visited one of the most beautiful places in the world, with some of the most beautiful people in the world, for one of the most beautiful celebrations… instagram.com/p/B6XQtSGpITg/?i

Hey Langley! If you’re able, come on out and support @Centreforchild this holiday season. I can’t wait to meet you all and help make this a beautiful holiday season for some special kids. 💋 twitter.com/andybhatti/status/

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