Robbie Amell looks like a young Tom Cruise.

I watched a bit of The Flash, and I gotta wonder if Prison Break is going to be part of the DC Universe.

The instrumental part of this reminds me of an Eminem song.

Kazuma is equal parts trash and righteousness.

Anyone know whether Overdrive or Overdrive Libby is preferred?

I find it bizarre how people alive today still believe democracy is immune to nationalistic tyrants, meanwhile socialism and communism are still associated with war crime boogiemen. Also, "left" and "right" (and all the garbage in between) are thrown around in political discussions as if everyone should automatically know what the heck you're talking about. It just further muddles points, in my opinion.

The primary reason I don't join my family's chat group is to save my sanity and time.

Are there any web based email services in recent years, aside from Proton Mail, that I should be aware of?

Seriously, people were already spreading riddles and lies before 2 pm EST. Stop it.

I know April 1st isn't really a surprise, but trigger happy pranksters are still lame.

The number of times "game" is mistaken for "hand" is getting stupid at this point. Are you stupid, SwiftKey? ARE YOU??? ARGHHH!!!!!

Windows Phone keyboard prediction was so good. Microsoft acquired SwiftKey in 2016. Why is Swiftkey still so awful? Even this somewhat obscure Multiling O Keyboard is better.

I'm not even just talking about missiles being fired, but also citizens missing public comment period and stuff just flying through the regulatory process. Now is the perfect time to be a tyrant while running a democracy.

Despite what the media wants you to think, the world has not stopped turning. Covering only one story, despite having more airtime than ever, is a failure of their duties. It is irresponsible and dangerous. Be alert.

Does anyone use Bitmask VPN? It seems a little too good to be true.

I should probably break out Wii Fit, if I'm going to be extra isolated.

Darn you, Pinterest, for weakening reverse image search! Darn youuuuu!

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