Challenge Complete: Find where in the world you are, to the mile, a total of three times, in using the Worldwide game mode.

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Capitalists: "Without the incintive of wages and/or starvation, humans will not work or produce"


Challenge Complete: Rescue Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

They're already monetizing it, like the capitalists that they are.
One day that changed America.

'24 Hours: Assault on the Capitol' premieres Monday on @hulu.

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My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.

It seems like Apple users are the only ones that don't realize that there's very good (bad) reasons why most negative reviews for computer repair depots come from Apple users.

The more I read about the changes they made to environmental "Impact Assessments", the more at peace I am about not being there anymore. At least, the Agency's name change is more honest about their work now.

Whoever thought that disappearing scroll bars in Word were a good idea is probably some unproductive dead weight exec.

I'm thinking of switching over from Eclipse to IntelliJ, because of the number of people suggesting it. I'm wondering, are there any reasons that I shouldn't? Eclipse seems to be the one everyone is introduced to first, and I'm sure there's a reason why that's still happening.

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I don't know how to process my joy...

so I made Elmo sing A Cruel Angel's Thesis...

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‼️ Awesome Moment Alert ‼️

Alex Trebek announces the @Senators 3rd overall pick, Tim Stuetzle! 🤗


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