Kids' cultural education of the evening: "Contact"

There's some resistance - one of them doesn't want to see "another typical science fiction movie".

Yeah, it's not that.

I first heard of Louis Wain from the Stuff You Missed In History podcast last week, and then we happened upon "The Electrical Lift of Louis Wain" on Prime this evening.

Jenny doesn't understand why I'm making her watch a movie about cats with Benedict Cumberbatch. But, it's Benedict Cumberbatch.

Georgia Politics 

I understand that the NYTimes analysts know which counties are left to count, but this is very odd on the face.

I'm always amused that the Netherlands national identity is so strongly tied to a color that they have kept out of their flag.

I just wasted 10 minutes of debugging because I accidentally used `=` instead of `===` in the filter function of an array.

I am a Senior Developer.

Kids' cultural education of the night: Beetlejuice

Very different from last night

Family Outing 

We finished off Thanksgiving weekend with a chilly bike ride (exempting the non-bicycle fan from the event).

Kids cultural education of the evening:
"The Shawshank Redemption"

"Get busy living, or get busy dying."

This message for everyone on the fediverse:

First, please ensure you go into your account settings and enable two/multi factor authentication. No, I mean do it right now. I’ll wait till you’re done.

Ok, thank you.

Now, if you are the admin of a mastodon instance, please go upgrade to 4.0.2 ASAP.


Georgia politics 

I'd think at this point that exhausted Georgians would clamor for instant runoff.

Vikings hope 

Uh oh. Am I starting to believe in this team?

Proud papa gushing 

Congrats to Sage and the rest of the cast of WGHS's production of Grease!

They did great.

Minnesota Politics 

Oh, I just realized that the seat wasn't really flipped.

With the 2020 redistricting, that district number changed. The old district for that area was DFL-held, and the previous Senator from District 47 won in her new district.

Nevertheless, she won, and so did the DFL!

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Minnesota Politics 

Congrats to my HS friend Nicole Mitchell for winning a seat in the MN Senate. Not only did she win, she also flipped a seat from the Republicans, helping the Democrats (aka DFL) take the Senate and win a trifecta!


US and Ukraine politics 

The red wave turned into a pink ripple, and the Red Army is abandoning the west bank of the Dnipro River.

This is a good week for democracy and a bad week for the red teams.

We now have a savings account that pays more interest than our mortgage charges.

I don't think that's supposed to happen.

Good news - the internet company showed up before 8:30 and had it fixed before 9. Apparently, the root problem was a poor install by the internet company - the solar electricians shouldn't have been able to break it if it had been done right in the first place.

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Working the polls for 14.5 hours was tough enough. But while we were there, the electricians from the solar panel installers came back to finish the job without telling us. And somehow, they broke our Internet connection (they claim they were gentle, of course).

So, the kids were stuck at home on a day without school (because of the election) or the ability to do most of their homework or use TV or YouTube, etc. And I have to stay home from my one-office-day-a-week tomorrow to hope that AT&T can fix the Internet.

General rule, people: don't do work on a customers house if the customers don't know you're going to be there.

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