Alright folks, help a coder out. The last time I tried to write an engineering notebook app for myself, I got bogged down in the interface, then sent myself down a rabbit hole where I was planning to store all of my notes in sealed PDFs, which I then had to read back so that I could search. Clearly, this is not the way.

After that, I tried to just beat TiddlyWiki into unsealed project note shape. It works, but it's buggy.

It occurs to me that I could quickly bang out something with an interface similar to my note-taker in TiddlyWiki, in .NET, use a little local DB to store the notes, then once that behaves, work on figuring out how to encrypt the contents of each set of notes...that seems doable. I can add more useful bits later.

Friends, allow me to share my progress from you. Please yell at me if I try to add too many things at once.


I only need the timestamping and signing on the off-chance that I might have to go to court. I should have a proper engineering notebook in case of a patent dispute. Also, I'm a PE, so there's a slight chance that I could get sued.

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