Tears and rain trickled down my face as I gazed up at the Millennium Falcon…. a wonderful Christmas Day!

When you uncontrollable reach for the tasty snack take a second to discover the source of the thought that leads you to do so.

Being awesome is hard work.

I fail at it constantly.

Introduction to the Software Arts. - A new serise of episode with @WarrenSack
“…an alternative history of software that places the liberal arts at the very center of software’s evolution.” geekspeak.org/episodes/2019/10

The good side of loosing power for a few days…. forced fridge cleaning!

We went to the 56th annual Kings Mountain Art Festival.

It is so difficult to not get distracted with all of the notifications and

Wesley learned a lot being a pirate… “Life is pain highness”… however much of personal suffering is maintained by our minds; letting go of what we want and being in the moment is the trick. “It’s really quite lovely…”

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