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MasterOfTheTiger (QOTO) @MOTT

I just had a lot of fun teasing an extreme conservative on diaspora* with a friend. Read it, and try not to laugh. :-)

@MOTT > Capital Punishment for ALL

YES! Fuck man, someone should just nuke Seattle ☂️

@MOTT He mentions mastodon as a "platform" that censors speech (he probably just means the main instance). Wow, lots of abortion stuff ..

I was wondering if he was just trolling you, but .. no, no it looks for realz.

But to be fair, what's interesting is none of this person's opinions are aligned with (alt-){left/right}. They're all over the place. This shows how complex peoples' views are, and how people often feel forced into the entirety of a certain ideological politics.

@djsumdog Yeah. He is very political, and he uses CAPS a LOT. So we played on that and teased him a bit to get him to settle down.

He posts the same stuff many places, and trolls a lot. He gets the conversations off course. So I wanted to play around a little bit. My friend actually started that as you can see. It is pretty funny.