The Last Day of 2018 on diaspora* by me:

Since this is Qoto, I will post it here as well:

This is the last day of the year 2018. It is time for many to propose resolutions for them to do in 2019. I personally will start a 90 day reading plan. I am not sure if it is much of a resolution, but I am going to install an encrypted (Or maybe /Linux-libre) operating system on my main machine before I travel. I also will not be on diaspora* nor Mastodon for the next month.

I also have been thinking of what has happened in 2018. It has been an impressive year, and looking back I see some amazing things God has done in my life in particular. I cannot wait for what God has for me in this next year. Since I will be moving to Europe for a while (which is all I will say publicly).

Like many others, I will stay up until midnight and enjoy the festivities and the countdown. Like everyone else, I feel that this last New Year’s just passed, and am amazed at how soon 2019 has come.

This last year I have started two different projects which I plan to continue working on. Namely, (a Bible app system), and (a check-in system like KidCheck for daycares, Sunday Schools, etc.). If you have seen my previous post, you will know that I plan to do a lot of work on LibreCheck in the next few months (if you want to help out, please talk to me!).

What are you planning to do this next year?

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