Can I submit ideas or codes for Mastodon?

@WeffDave yeah people on twitter can't even express their opinions anymore

Hi. I'm MasterBeef and I joined Mastodon because I'm sick of Twitter's bs, and because I believe in the developer's idea and want to pioneer the app; forge it alongside them for it to become a big community like Reddit, Twitter, etc. I'm interested in : you can find me on Live and as ChanchipolloRes, I mainly play FPSs such as , and , and RPGs. (mainly titles.) I am interested in , but I don't really know much about it, as I am overwhelmed by the massive amount of time we have been around as a race in this place. (Obligatory hashtags, but I won't accept any wehraboo in my DMs.) I like , but who doesn't like music? I am interested in , (Yeah I know) I guess, although I don't really know much about it, , communist propaganda (No, I'm not a communist ) and to name a few. English is not my first language so if you want to talk in it's ok. :)

Qoto Mastodon

QOTO: Question Others to Teach Ourselves. A STEM-oriented instance.

An inclusive free speech instance.
All cultures and opinions welcome.
Explicit hate speech and harassment strictly forbidden.
We federate with all servers: we don't block any servers.