Where is Appalachia?
Hint: It is not the same as the Appalachian Trail.

A recent discussion has led to a multitude of answers.

Every day I am trying to change the narrative of #Appalachia.

Here is where I think it is:

Opinions may vary!

Is the reddit protest over or just fizzling?


Fewer seem to be dark now.

Me: I'll just make a quick salad dressing before dinner.

An hour later, brushing off my hands, slowly lighting a cigarette, and taking a long drag ...

Me: Let me tell you a story about chopping four kinds of herbs I grew in the garden.

#cooking #gardening #HerbGarden

People who insult and harass Dr Hotez are dangerous. People need to understand that these attacks are driven by far-right, anti-democracy, white suprematist organizations and politicians. It has very little to do with actual vaccines.

A month until I get on a plane for the first time in four years and head to San Diego for Comic-Con.

The last time I left New England was in early 2019 when I was the keynote speaker at CUSEC in Montreal. That was also the last time I did any kind of conference-thing.

Did you know that #Appalachian English is a valid, interesting #dialect?

Maybe we should accept it the same way that you're intrigued by Catalan or the differences between Spanish in different countries?



*Black magic class*

Instructor: Today we will learn how to summon a hell hound.

Me: *whispers* ๐‘ถ๐’๐’๐’, ๐’‚ ๐’ƒ๐’†๐’†๐’๐’›๐’†๐’ƒ๐’–๐’…๐’…๐’š!

Time for a new #introduction post :blob_party:

Hi I'm Luci! :birb_heart:

I've recently made a lot of changes in my life so I'm not exactly sure how I'd want to introduce myself. I work remotely full time and spend a lot of time in the kitchen either #cooking or making #tea. I've practiced a variety of hobbies and have a lot of interests but my primary focus at the moment is #selfimprovement, #travelling, and meeting new people.

I was unhappy for a very long time and only recently came to terms with how deep that went. In no small part thanks to the lovely people I've met on this platform :blob_couple: I don't maintain much of an online presence anymore but mastodon holds a special place in my heart and I'd like to stay in contact with all of you. And absolutely loving cutie city's emojis :axolotl_love: :bh_flag_gay: :birb_oh_no: :blob_lampshade: :blobfox_coffee_sleepy: :frog_pansexual: :goose_bonk:

Here are a bunch of hashtags to help connect with people:

#flowers #running #anime #gaming #longhair #wfh #reading #books #pansexual #adhd #weed #animals #music

Yesterday I was looking for some information about HRT leading up to surgery and DuckDuckGo had a link to a Reddit comment that no longer existed.

And I think thatโ€™s when it really hit me how much this Reddit shit impacts me and other trans people. There is so much information about HRT, and GRS, and understudied phenomena that only exists in comments on Reddit. Life saving information. Invaluable medical information.

And some corporate assholes can just fuck with that on a whim.

I'm not sure what to think of this story. Our youngest always has a couple of dollars in his school lunch account until he doesn't โ€” that is, he goes most of the school year without spending any money and then suddenly something prompts him to buy a snack or a side every day. He goes from +$10 to -$0.50 in two weeks โ€” and my wife and I are so not used to replenishing the account that we forget at first, then botch the log in, then forget again...

This๐Ÿ‘‡is unnecessary.

Some of the things President Biden has done:
Aided Ukraine against Putinโ€™s invasion
The PACT Act
The Inflation Recovery Act (really a clean energy bill)
The infrastructure bill
A budget proposal to reduce the deficit

What Republicans promise:
Book banning
Persecution of marginalized people
Tax cuts for the wealthy
More gun violence
No rights for women
Destruction of public education

Easy call, old or not.

The Ohio GOP has gerrymandered themselves into a supermajority โ€“ and that supermajority is very unhappy that a petition from Ohio citizens allowing a vote protecting reproductive choice will be on the ballot in November. So they rushed through a constitutional amendment to try and raise the threshold for passage from a simple majority to 60%.

Yeah, Ohio Democrats are mobilized and fighting hard on this one โ€“ and need your help and support to get the word out to every voter in #Ohio.

@demvoter I think (I donโ€™t know for sure) that theyโ€™re worried in Ohioโ€™s case that voters keep wanting to pass things that will eventually knock them out of power (fair district maps in Ohio, for about example.) If people show up and care about abortion rights, I imagine Republicans think, rightly, those voters might vote for Democrats. OH did go for Obama twice.

So they try and sneak this in so voters have less of a voice, are less motivated to show up, and Republicans stay in power.

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