@galacticstone I just saw your holocene coyote skull. So amazing:)

@Nyoei - I was soo excited to find that. Even though it's not terribly old (compared to the other stuff I find at the same site), it is one of the most complete skulls I have ever found. I probably priced it a little higher than market value, but that's because I am torn about selling it. A part of me really wants to keep it, but the dealer's dilemma dictates that I offer it up for sale.

@galacticstone I'd not sell it for anything. I'm in Scotland so I can't buy it. Keep it:) I'm giving you permission. You got a freebie save from the person who would have swiped it today:)

@Nyoei - My collection would be insanely-badass if I wasn't a dealer. That's the dealer's dilemma - you have to sell your best stuff, because the best stuff is worth the most money (usually). This is my day job, so it's my only source of income. When I find something badass, I have to sell it 99% of the time. If I had back every fossil, meteorite, and artifact I ever sold, I could open a museum. :)

@galacticstone You could have a museum and have a shop at the end of it to sell things out of:) The Galactic Stone and Ironworks museum sounds INCREDIBLE! I'd visit:D I go out of my way for places like that. I love natural history!

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