First off, what's this @absolutus stuff all about?

@absolutus ok absolutus it was not my intention to upset you or anyone else. Can I call you Alan?
I have an internet handle, can I edit my membership?

@absolutus at this stage I am not sure. I would prefer to take things one step at a time.

@absolutus reading a few posts I am getting very confused. What are @Yuki & @Edge talking about, does any of it relate to this platform ???

@PJanuszka @absolutus Beats me. Wish I could help, but I'm a relative newbie myself. I'm 62, with an autoimmune disorder that goes by the acronym TRAPS, btw. American. Envy your opportunity to love in a country other than the one of your birth. Hope someone gives you the answer you need.

@StevenDBT @absolutus questions usually generate answers, here's hoping.
After moving here I became a citizen which gave me entitlement to all manner of things including full health care. I have been fortunate healthwise up to age 70. I had the most amazing birthday party at the local marina which was attended by most of my remaining friends from England. The tide turned against me and I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, cured by sugery in Istanbul. The follow up tests revealed the presence of prostate cancer again cured here by radio therapy. My eyesight was becoming less than perfect, cured here by removing my cateracts. What more could go wrong..... well on New Years day I had a heart attack. This require major open heart surgery. All fixed now I'm pleased to say. As a result of all the aforementioned I get regular checkups, so hopefully if anything else goes wrong it should get sorted in time.
Sorry to lay all this on you Steven but afte 60 you have to expect the worst but we're brave eh.

@PJanuszka @absolutus No, you didn't burden me. I'm glad you could speak about your health issues. My heart goes out to you. Best of luck going forward. Steve

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