I am a 76 year old pensioner living in southern Turkey. I have tried to get the hang of the language here but learned very little. I was born and bred in England where I spent most of my life up until I retired twelve years ago.
My persuits in life were many and varied including motorcycling fishing (sea and stream) shooting (shotgun and air rifle) and sightseeing by car.
My experience in IT, which seems to be quite popular in here was as a user only but I put it to its best use.
Anyone wishing to be bored further need only ask.

@num_seventy_four hi Christine, I could be glib and say a British Airways jet but that would be rude.
In the eighties I met a Turkish girl who though much younger then me turned into my girlfriend then my wife. We lived in England until 2006. We built a house on land we had bought earlier and settled in.

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