@Paulos_the_fog Rural US politicians, who are looking to score otherwise harmless points with their base constituents. The harsh thing is you don't know whether to believe they believe this stuff, or if they're pander-lying.

Frankly, it's been at least a little like this since the 70's, but no one bothered to look. It's how the rich got so rich, and Roe was overturned.


Britain has its fair share of utter fuckin twats as politicians (Boris Johnson immediately springs to mind but most people in the tory party qualify as imbeciles otherwise they wouldn't be tories!) However in terms of comprehensively useless utter twats, America seems to hold all the Trump cards!


When in doubt, assume all American politicians are complete fuckin imbeciles!


So what you are saying is that most/many rural voters in the US are complete fuckin imbeciles, yes?

@Paulos_the_fog Calling people names Nazi eugenicists coined probably isn't the smartest thing to do, so no.

Fighting for funding for public education that parents want to help build, yes.

A superiority complex exhibited by a self-styled intellectual elite, whether online or via wealth, is just going to build hate. It's rather stupid to engage with that.

@Paulos_the_fog They do know that they have just given NIMBYs a tool to stop crop dusting in their area, don't they??

They understand their voter base. They're experts at it, or they wouldn't be where they are. We, however, are not.

Yes, I'm convinced there's a smarter way to go about this continuous build that is the US democratic republic. It takes all of us. Clearly most of us are not going about this logically.

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