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This doesn't surprise me in the slightest as when I was living in Eastbourne and working in Darlington Co Durham, a single from Eastbourne to my place of work on a Monday morning was £144 and that was back in about 1997!

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has died in a helicopter crash.

May it be a turning point for the women of Iran.


What connects the following:

DWP carer's prosecutions;

Windrush deportations;

Infected blood scandal victims;

The Post Office Horizon IT injustice.

... The complete disregard for how an institution's actions & inactions impact on those at the bottom of the 'pyramid' & the subsequent attempt to evade responsibility for the harm caused when publicised.

(you'll have other you'd like to add to the list, I'm sure)

A damning picture of misused power & disregard for others.

#politics #justice

NEVER AGAIN should Donald Trump be trusted with national security clearance.

NEVER AGAIN should Trump be in command of our Armed Forces.

NEVER AGAIN should anyone who serves our country in uniform have to salute a walking, talking NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT!

I am a Veteran and I approve this message. Please, maximum boost. 🫡

#NeverAgainTrump #Espionage #Traitor #stolen #concealed #National #Defense #documents
#sexualassault #fraud #insurrection #crime
#vote #election #2024Election

I’m freshly appalled by Trump’s efforts to protect his 2016 election campaign by shadily paying Stormy Daniels in a way Trump hoped wouldn’t be traced back to him. I’m newly appalled by the cast of Republican electeds who come to the courthouse to violate the spirit of the gag order Trump himself is under. They present themselves as mouthpieces for Trump and make all manner of remarks that, if he made them himself, would be violations of the order. The Republicans are a lawless cult. #LawFedi

Israeli children, likely belonging to communities of settlers and religious-messianic Jews, having fun destroying aid supplies meant for Gaza.

Useful context is that one of the most common one-liners I hear from Israelis, to this day, is: "the conflict will end when they stop teaching their children to hate us".

#Israel #Palestine #Gaza

A new hashtag?

Labour in Name Only = #LINO ?

(inspired by @harriettmb & many others)

The capacity of the #Malmo Arena is roughly the same as the number of children that #Israel have killed in #Gaza


“If the landslide is big enough, even square pebbles will roll.”
Terry Pratchett; Monstrous Regiment
#Discworld #ToryDefection #CrossingTheFloor #Elphicke #SquareToryPebble #GeneralElectionNOW

@thiesmarsen @tazgetroete

Palestinians are Semitic People.

Nothing says #antisemitism like the murder of 35000 Semitic Civilians in #Gaza
The students who are demonstrating in the USA aren't anti-Semitic, they are PRO-semitic and anti-Genocide.

The zionist rightwing Israeli government is Anti-semitic and PRO-Genocide

Its not that fucking difficult to understand.
Mass graves in Gaza show victims’ hands were tied, says UN rights office

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