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This is just so delicious!

DeSantis lied to migrants to get them on a plane to Massachusetts as a political stunt. Because they were victims of that crime, they were eligible to apply for legal status as the victim of trafficking. They can now live and work legally in the US!

The deputy leader of Reform and a parliamentary candidate Ben Habib has just said on the Julia Hartley Brewer show that it is now Reform policy to let refugees drown in the Channel.

Hindsight, depressing though that is 

@Roadwarrior29 it is. That place is too degraded to survive.

It's existential, I don't think everyone who lives in NI Scotland or Wales understands this.

England cannot continue. We need to leave before it drags us down with it.

You want an NHS *at all? You want any protections for nature? You wa*nt any kind of social norm or contract and not live in a bad remake of "the Purge"? You want to be able to afford food?

Then your only choice is independence.

For those who think nurse's pay is in any way adequate in the UK compared to other countries - these are the figures for nurses working in Luxembourg:

ukpol rwanda 

Tonight the MPs will debate and vote upon a law to send refugees to Rwanda. Not people who they claim aren't refugees. Just actual refugees.

They sold it as "for processing there" initially, but in fact it's just send them there never to return.

At a cost of over a million pounds per refugee.

Since the courts found that Rwanda might not be safe, the law they will debate declares that it is in fact safe. Even if a civil war breaks out tomorrow, even if a volcano turns the whole country into a lava-floor, it'll still be legally safe according to our MPs.

They seem to think that the Parliament is some kind of supreme body able to define and enforce the nature of truth, rather than being just one of many institutions of state which are set up to compete with checks and balances in order to prevent tyranny.

I can't think of a more obvious demonstration that the house has lots it's wits entirely and has become crazed with power.

They think they can legislate truth, and should have no legal restraints upon them.

You'd hope an election soon will remove them, but the opposition, Labour, are fine with it, so long as it doesn't include our military collaborators. They have an amendment saying it's fine to send everyone I guess, except not those who collaborated with our military.

What a broken country. We need to disband Westminster, really, it's become corrupt beyond redemption.

#ukpol #rwanda

Saw a Cybertruck entering the Costco parking lot yesterday, and burst out laughing. It was my first siting in the wild, and I was simply astounded by just how stupid they look in person.

discovering that fewer cybertrucks have been sold than Sinclair C5s has amused me greatly. and honestly, if you want to drive a weird vehicle, the C5 is far more fun.

Is there a word for the process of driving 45 minutes to one's local(ish) really BIG DIY store and coming home with a bootful of things you didn't go there to buy but forgetting the one thing you did go there for?

Is this an admission that the former POTUS is a six fingered oddity. I suspect AI at work here. I'm sure that Trump has never been on his knees in a church!

This dude is Tim Nolan,Trumps campaign chair in Kentucky. Charged with 28 felonies,like Rape, human trafficking witness tampering prostitution and sodomy 22 victims 8 of them minors. He is one of the founders of QAnon who say Democrats are pedophiles

Fascist republicans fully revealed.

Brian Broome (on another platform) wrote:

"I was just reading the story about the woman who left 1,000 dollars in tips at a #taco joint because she thought she was gonna be #raptured.
When she wasn't, she went back to the taco joint and demanded her money back accusing the servers of stealing it somehow.
And I'm really hard-pressed to think of a better analogy for the state of American #Christianity."

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