They call them "digital" circuits despite there being only two states, not ten 🤔

@PawelK @sunbearshaman I dare any non-binaries to count all the way up to 1023 using only their fingers

Hmm, Jacku @jaczad , z Profesorem Maraskiem jak czytam już się nie spotkamy. Ale z dr Szklannym będę szukał kontaktu. Bardzo podobają mi się jego osiągnięcia.


Funny that that Russian Rachel Maddow considers professionalism the desire to die for your country.

The West. Kicking ass of ruSShnya since ever forever. Rare moment of self-reflection of one historian on rutv, results of analysis a total failure of Rus invasion of Ukraine.

Pola maTysiak i niech nikt się kurwa nie waży mieć więcej.

Cc @smigol

Does anyone know how much design of linphone reminds of Skype? Is it distributed too with dynamic routing etc?

Jitsi is aimed for replacing zoom pretty well. Wonder whether it could one day replace m$ teams too.

@AmpBenzScientist would there be an/some/many applications for ghidra but translated to c++ and another made into collaborative web app running on cloud in style of remote Google office?

Here are the 11 Republicans Who Voted Against Giving $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine
Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee)
John Boozman (Arkansas)
Mike Braun (Indiana)
Mike Crapo (Idaho)
Bill Hagerty (Tennessee)
Josh Hawley (Montana)
Mike Lee (Utah)
Elaine Lummis (Wyoming)
Roger Marshall (Kansas)
Rand Paul (Kentucky)
Tommy Tuberville (Alabama)

The soft actuators produced by this fabrication method may look funny, but you'd have to be bananas not to take notice of them.

Original tweet :

In the 80s, my aunt (a child) and my grandmother (someone who, today, can't even effectively operate her Television) wrote a series of computer programs from which they ran my grandfather's business.

They generated invoices and printed them, scheduled jobs, kept a list of customers, etc.

They did it all with an Atari 8-bit computer, and the included BASIC.

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@zbrown @ajroach42 Dear lord the XAML editor is just supreme! I just wish GNOME had an equivalent tool. They akready have the XML language, so what's really missing is the editor

@ACTupper it's a great introduction to programming.

It is not a good tool for empowering non-programmers.

The boomer super power - selective memory/cognition.

Simply choose memories/aspects of reality to ignore to make your life easier.

Some idea for a format of webbooks.
I'd pefer for most websites to look like this.

Bonus: would run nicer on backlight-less displays.

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