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Phairnix boosted Wusstest du, dass in Deutschland die Holocaustleugnung verständlicherweise nicht gut ankommt? So viel zur Pseudogeschichtsschreibung. Suche dir doch bitte etwas Besseres zu tun.

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To be or not to be, that is a question.

What is it that we are supposed to be?
That is another one.

Someone asks again: Are you with us or with the other ones?

This time, the issue seems to be more clear for some: human rights or no human rights.

One question leads to another...

Human lives or property?

Health or economy?

How do we actually guarantee those human rights systematically?

An one-off payment and justice is done?

Who has the answers?

Do you understand how a squid feels? M'hauria agradat saber contextualitzar les afirmacions pseudohistòriques que fas. No sembla que estiguis interessat en el seguiment de les meves públicacions que tracten de la pseudociència.

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Quina és la motivació del teu contacte? T'agrada la ciència?


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