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Dawn of the Dead by George Romero is a great movie indeed. I had not seen that one of the series yet. The whole franchise is great, as each movie focuses on a different topic. The social commentary is fantastic. Unfortunately, more recent productions of the genre fail to achieve that kind of depth.

Today, time to check out the Diary of the Dead.

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Jetzt sind auch die Anhänge der Prüfung von Microsoft365 durch den @lfdi in Baden-Württemberg öffentlich.

Die klare Empfehlung zur Nicht-Nutzung wird somit noch besser nachvollziehbar.

I have not been using this profile a lot, as I have been active on an other instance, but I might want to practice my english from time to time, so here we go.

Given that we are living somewhat disturbing times, that come closer and closer to the distopian visions exposed in literature and cinema, I have been watching quite a few (post-)apocalyptic movies recently. One of my favorite discoveries was Snowpiercer: humanity messes up with terraforming when they try to combat climate change and end up in a class war on an inhabitable planet.

Feel free to make recommendations. I love science fiction and zombie films can be fun too.

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Archivists Are Trying To Save Sci-Hub
"... Sci-Hub is built out of 850 separate torrents housing 100,000 articles apiece, making the site’s entire database take up a whopping 77TB of data. While there’s a handful of torrenters working with Library Genesis to catalog as much as they can, the collective is trying to recruit at least 85 more data guzzlers to store 10 torrents apiece, adding that they should “reach out to 10 good friends” and ask them to torrent what they can. With enough people on board—the goal is 8,500 torrenters total—they’ll be able to siphon off the entire library.

Please consider having a look at this other writing as well, in case you want to get some more inspiration:

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Free as in... freedom?

Free as in... work for free.
Free as in... profits for free.
Free as in... free to destroy our common future.
Free as in...

What are you referring to when you use the word freedom?

I think "freedom" is one of the most popular words that is being used in a way that it can mean just what you choose it to mean.

Recently, I have been looking into the question of licencing and I am glad that I found some approaches that resonate a lot with my take on the things. I came across the following article and I wholeheartedly recommend to read it.

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Gemeinsame Forderungen für Baden-Württembergs Schulen: Schüler-, Eltern- & Lehrerschaft sind sich einig – Für digitale Autonomie, für datenschutzkonforme Lösungen, gegen Abhängigkeiten von IT-Großkonzernen

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Das #Lieferkettengesetz wird jetzt im Bundestag verhandelt. Wie die Wirtschaftslobby den Gesetzentwurf mit massivem Einsatz abgeschwächt hat, zeigen interne Dokumente, die @LieferkettenG befreit hat. Wir veröffentlichen sie hier:

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Was your data leaked in the #Facebook Data Breach? You Can Sue Facebook for Monetary Damages

If you live in the #EuropeanUnion or European Economic Area, you can seek monetary damages from Facebook. The #GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gives you the right to monetary compensation where your data protection rights have been breached.

Digital Rights Ireland
are commencing a ‘mass action’ against Facebook on behalf of users who have been affected.

#EU #Europe

There are no evil plans put in place by satanic lizardpeople, who are reigning the world and intending to turn sheeple into 5G transistor radios.

The actual conspiracy is the lack of transparency of the political institutions and the corporate lobbies that undermine democratic processes by pushing their profit-making agenda.

That is the real threat and it is just business as usual: irresponsibility voted into office and corruption as economic policy.

So, the following report does not come as a great surprise for those of us who were already aware of the issue:

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Jetzt sind endlich die EU-Impfverträge mit BioNTech / Pfizer sowie mit Moderna geleaked worden. Wir spiegeln sie hier durchsuchbar und zur einfachen Darstellung:

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"Police are warning students and universities not to access Sci-Hub, an "illegal website" that allows users to download scientific research papers normally locked behind expensive subscriptions."

Very bad indeed. That name again: Sci-Hub. Remember it so you can avoid it. Ahem.


Se m'ha recomanat mirar una cosa i he de dir que ha valgut la pena d'haver ho fet, confieu-me:

És una molt bona iniciativa divulgativa, oi?

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Hey Leute,

Man hat mir empfohlen etwas anzuschauen und es hat sich wirklich gelohnt es zu tun, vertraut mir:

Das ist doch mal eine nette Botschaft, nicht wahr?

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It's time to unlurk myself in order to share something important with you. I was recommended to check this out and it was definitely worth doing so, trust me:

In case you liked it and want to pass on the message, please note that there are quite a few translations available.

Oh, by the way, I am not an , but an introvert who likes progression. As far as I can see, homo sapiens is recently retrogressive enough.

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Well, I have been mostly lurking around for a while and I did not bother to make an introductory to start with.

The reason is that I did not know what I would like to toot about, since my observations about mainstream social media made me think that I am definitely not interested in the sometimes quite toxic communicative dynamics experienced therein. Now, is Mastodon different? Well, at least it respects privacy, so I might share narcissistically some details of my rather insignificant existence without giving away valuable data to greedy multinational corporations. Also, I might start flooding the timeline with the information I deem necessary to avert the society from the dooming civilisatory collapse. Generally, I could propagate scientific skepticism.

As for input, a funny meme can make me smile and a witty comment might elevate my mind a bit, but ultimately I ask myself whether such virtual life is worth the effort. As such, I question the sociability of it all. I prefer real life and real contacts. It is probable that I will never travel to the country of your residence in my life and we will never meet and share meaningful experiences.

As far as I know, none of my real life contacts uses Mastodon. Consequently, is there any good reason to be here, apart from the altruistic resoluteness to contribute to social change?

Content warning for mental health issues. Just in case. 

I toot the private message that I redacted for an user who disappeared mysteriously. Obviously, the message could not be delivered. I do not know how real the incident actually was, as social media is a weird place in this regard, but I choose to intervene. Better safe than sorry:

Good to know that you are still around. As I said, as far as I can see, your communicational 'accident' just reflects exactly what you are saying: the lack of a personal coping strategy and, for now, capacity. I think that is why people signal their need to get help. In this regard, if you feel that things are getting out of hand, I recommend contacting a professional. In some countries there are even specialized hotlines to attend people who struggle with coping with the actual crisis. If you wish to talk to someone in order to sort out the emotional mess, that might be a good starting point. Anyway, I just want to recommend you to try finding out what options you actually have at your disposal. I understand that the global situation is scary. Things need to change quite radically in order to get all sort of social issues fixed. That is why it can seem so overwhelming. I try to be full of hope, as I see no point in getting desperate. At least we can try to do our best to contribute to the changes, and I assure you that there initiatives where we can take action on a collective level and on an individual level. However, you need to be somewhat stable emotionally to start with, so that you don't choose the wrong option out of fear.

To sum up: don't be a spectator in this drama, become an actor instead. That is what you are already, although inconsciously. May I suggest that the first act be about working on a personal coping strategy? I am sure things will get better when you advance to make some tactical changes accordingly and you start to find solutions. You will realize that there is more to existence than drama and tragedy. Maybe you can be part of an epic change where things start to heal for real?

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