Por si les interesa saber sobre Lucio Cabañas acá pueden bajar un libro de Jacobo Silva Nogales sobre LC y la guerra de los pobre elperroylarana.gob.ve/lucio-ca

The train tragedy that unfolded in Greece, claiming dozens of lives in the country's worst rail disaster, has exposed chronic failures by successive administrations.

For decades, Greece's 2,552-kilometre rail network has been plagued by mismanagement, poor maintenance and obsolete equipment.

Analyst Konstantinos Hasiotis says there have been long delays in installing a train safety system, which Greece originally acquired two decades ago.


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This is probably related to the need to dunk on bimbos, himbos and thembos. The fact that some people are comfortable in making no effort to appear smart enrages some folks that think that fetishize intellegence.

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I think that assuming that everyone wants to sound smart is not a very smart assumption. The mere idea of "sounding smart" assumes a lot about smart which again...

Sure there are "bad actors" in some institutions. But reducing everything to bad actors protects bad institutions. Protecting those institutions because they do some good things, is just like protecting abusive people because "they are not all that bad" except it is worse because you are making fail safe ways for abusers to do their thing when backed by an institution.
Those good things can still happen without the abusers I promise, we can get rid of them it will not be the end of the world.

People that just wanna criticize parts and not the whole are cowards. To those acting like making bold critiques is gonna tear the world up... I wish it was true, but it is not. No need to get scared because someone said something, even if they are wrong. Please stop the thought policing!

Ok, here's an exercise of imagination I was thinking a few days back.

Imagine that the Stalinist Quinto Regimiento, during the Spanish Civil War, fared well against the fascist forces. In fact, they were so successful that they kicked Franco all the way back to Seville, where the Nacionales had to cramp themselves in any ship they could requise and flee before the Soviet made tanks of the Republicans took the port city.

if anyone is looking for mind blowing revolutionary analysis, culture, tech, capitalism wise I very highly recommend

I will be posting some comments on some of her work so be warned. if any one wants to engage that would be very much appreciated.

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline
The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the #US executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now
#Ukraine #Russia #Germany #War


Entrevista de Noticias de abajo al campamento contra el PGD y el PGOT en Milpa Alta.

Tal vez el memorando de entendimiento entre el gobCDMX y AirBnB explique mejor el rumbo que sufrirá la ciudad y el impacto negativo que se desarrollará.

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El plan "de desarrollo" que le imponen a la sigue en marcha, pero tal vez ya no avance de la mano con el de ordenamiento territorial.
Pedirá Sheinbaum al Congreso aplazar discusión del PGOT pero nada mencionó sobre aplazar también el Plan General de Desarrollo (PGD), documento rector de las políticas de desarrollo urbano.- capital-cdmx.org/fracasa-consu

🎮 🔥 Manifesto Ferocio: un gioco coop sull'attivismo, i diritti umani, l'accoppare la pula a padellate e le suore robot.

Sviluppato con orgoglio da Isola Insolita (aka io e mio fratellino Stefano) e le bellissime personcine di @owofgames

Lo trovate qui:

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quieren legitimar sus planes para la pintándolos de derechos humanos y participación ciudadana. nos mandan a jugar a la democracia participativa mientras los pueblos organizados viven que no hay condiciones democráticas, sólo mucha pinche represión.

TV Recomendation No spoilers
I recently finished watching this one season banger and really enjoyed it from beggining to end. It runs a fast paced scifi plot that reproduces that horror film suspense and tension of the classics. Unlike other shows I have recently enjoyed, I feel the depth of the plot and character develpment justifies the violence in some scenes. It is not particularily violent considering the genre, but worth it, as in beyond cheap thrills.

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