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This New Year's Day, I finally admitted to myself that the reason I've been depressed lately is because I have no purpose in life. I need to take some time to seriously reconsider where my life is going, and come up with some goals that would really excite me and give me a reason to get out of bed every morning. Since my current purpose is null and void, these goals can be literally anything.

Some of my password cracking handiwork from last May. I wrote a program that performs a simple dictionary attack on a hash and tested it against a database of password hashes that I got from the HaveIBeenPwned site.

Looks like I have an ear infection. I'm taking some Sudafed to try to drain the fluid. Hopefully that will get rid of it. If it doesn't I'll have to see a doctor and get on an antibiotic.

Flowchart for a program that calculates the K-Nearest-Neighbor algorithm.

Inspired by a similar program from the Obfuscated C Code Contest. This program calculates its own area.

The fundamental problem with altruism is that almost everything in life is a zero-sum game. It's not possible to improve the conditions of the game for everyone, because the only way to get ahead is if someone else falls behind. If you succeed in life, it's always going to be at someone else's expense.

These good samaritans who try to red-pill the normies, raise awareness of how the game works and teach the normies how to play - all they're doing is making the game harder for smart people. Doesn't matter if it's investing, computer security, avoiding poisons in food, etc. If everyone starts using better security software and better privacy practices, what happens? Governments start pressuring the makers of those software products to install backdoors, and at the same time, technologies that are universally adopted become infinitely juicier targets for black hat hackers. If everyone becomes educated on what's good food and what's poison, food companies will just double down on fudging the numbers and obfuscating their ingredients and nutrition facts, making it increasingly difficult to determine if something is good for you.

Whatever level of competence the vast majority of people are able to reach, that level is going to become the new baseline, the new mediocre. It's simply not possible to equip everyone for success, especially if these people are herd animals and are set on doing things a certain way. I think in a lot of ways it's better if the masses stay ignorant.

Recently I was in the psych ward for 14 days and had no Internet access during that time. During that time my stock portfolio went from outperforming the S&P 500 to significantly underperforming. This just illustrates the efficacy of day trading, as opposed to just putting money in stocks and letting it sit. The latter strategy relies too much on trying to predict which stocks are going to perform well and investing in those stocks (which, you know, anyone who knows the first thing about investing knows that predicting market trends is literally impossible), while the former strategy allows you to tweak and fine-tune all the variables after-the-fact. Hell, if stock picks by so-called "experts" can be consistently beaten by stock picks based on the toss of a coin, I'd say day trading is the only way to get any real gains without making reckless bets.

This is what it looks like if you open a PDF file in a text editor.

Gotta WiFi love routers that double as network stumbling apps. Also lol at all the people still using WEP! 😂

Screenshot of code for the Unix Expansion Pack. Complete code on my GitHub.

Just created my account on this platform. Hope to meet some interesting people here. You can check out my WordPress blog at .

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