People often say that private companies have no duty to uphold the Constitution. But that's kind of the problem, isn't it? The government knows they can't directly violate our Constitutional rights themselves, so they get Big Tech and other corporations to do it for them. All this corporate surveillance, corporate censorship, corporations forcing people to go along with the government's agenda or get fired - it's all done on behalf of a government that wants to be more authoritarian, but knows that the Constitution is an obstacle to this goal, so they use their influence over corporations to basically bypass the Bill of Rights and exert authoritarian power over citizens indirectly. This is their game, and you're falling for it. Everyone knows that the US is not a democracy, it's an oligarchy. The corporate oligarchs are the de facto government. They're the ones that call the shots, and the government and corporations work together to oppress the citizens.

I tried installing Metasploitable2 so I can use it to practice hacking, but when I boot up, I get an exit status of 4 from fsck, meaning there were filesystem errors that fsck didn’t correct. I wonder if this is due to one of the vulnerabilities in the system - like there’s a certain exploit that involves taking advantage of a bad block, and fsck is interpreting that as an error. In any case, now I need to look up the root password so I can get into the maintenance shell, and then run fsck with the -y option to force it to repair the errors. Hopefully that will work.

Well, looks like I haven't been here in a few days. I guess I've mostly been busy with my art. Made some cool glitch art over the last week. 🙂

I've learned not to put any weight in critics' reception of a movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes critics tend to be insanely biased towards certain kinds of movies. Kids' movies and movies with woke messages almost always get good ratings, no matter how much the audience hates them, and movies with nudity almost always get bad ratings regardless of how good the movie is, simply because they have nudity. You can't trust these critics because they have ulterior motives for everything, and their rating of a movie tends to have little or nothing to do with how enjoyable it is to watch.

So the stock market just crashed, and I had a field day buying everything on sale. I've learned that any time something drops drastically due to a press release, policy announcement, change in bond yields, or anything else where the effects are purely speculative in nature, usually it's just the market getting spooked and it'll bounce back over the next few days.

I mean, come on, we all knew this was going to happen. We all knew the Fed was going to start tapering and raising interest rates sometime in December or January. And yet people were pouring their money into Big Tech stocks and other fair weather assets up until the very end. In fact just yesterday some economic authority said that we were at the beginning of a new economic boom and everyone needed to put their money into growth stocks to take advantage of it. Why change your tune so quickly?

Oh well, I didn't fall for yesterday's rosy predictions, nor will I fall for today's bleak predictions. I'm gonna continue exploiting day-to-day market fluctuations, as opposed to reacting to them, and that's going to make me rich in the end. 😜

Damn, I've posted that joke so many times to social media, and no one else seems to think it's funny. I think it's hilarious. Why does no one else share my weird sense of humor?

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Just went on a buying spree because basically everything is red today. There's a hell of a lot of market fluctuation in both directions these days, and it's gonna make me rich. 😆

One of my fave screencaps right here. These are ANSI art avatars used on Fidonet - the text-based BBS network.

It kinda bothers me when the media refers to people who run phishing scams as "hackers". I mean, obviously most hacking these days has a social engineering component, but if a data breach relies entirely on social engineering and nothing else, then it's not hacking, because you're not actually using any computer skills. There's nothing more cringy than someone who thinks they're some amazing black hat hacker because they basically just called someone and asked for their password.

My ear infection seems to be getting better now. Three doses of Sudafed seem to have done the trick.

There's a quote from Suicide Squad that really stuck with me:

"We're bad guys. That's what we do."

That's basically my excuse for everything. 😂

This new antidepressant is making my vision fuzzy.

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