@mikhailt @box464 @fediversereport @zak But on a real computer you can use a real browser to browse the web. Why would you use an app that is limited to showing a single website? On a mobile toy OS I can totally understand it, but Windows is a real OS that actually allows you to do stuff.

is back after a long migration in the first stage of our upgrade. Now that we are on a new home we will give it 24 horus to see if the move was bug free (As it seems to be) and then we will start upgrading versions one at a time day by day.. The upgrades are prepared and ready and should be **much** quicker.

The move took a while as we keep a backlog of every message to the start of the fediverse so our media and DB stores are quite large and it took a long time. But we are back!!!

Throughout the 2010s I was often frustrated when rate limited by the #Twitter API when trying to do fun stuff.

Tonight I was rate limited by my own #Mastodon instance for following too many people at once, so I just went in the code and doubled it.

This is the way. :mando:

But what happened to science fiction? Did the scifi community grow or change as a result of the Reddit blackout? I took a quick look over at Social-Rise (/r/scifi and /r/sciencefiction) and the results are startling – see for yourself:

In each of the three screenshots – the dots indicate daily post/comment activity on each subreddit. Higher dots mean higher activity, lower dots indicate lower activity.

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@gerrymcgovern How about we try renewable energy plus some grid energy storage to smooth out the peaks.

I am protecting the environment by using adblocker, because: „Digital Advertising May Be Causing Almost 2% of Global Carbon Emissions“


#digitaladvertising #ads #energy #co2 #climatechange #sustainability

To add to this, I'm also very cognizant that most people, when finding a "How to do XYZ" guide online don't want to read someone's life story and how they were inspired by a trip to Venice and then spend sixteen paragraphs and 2,000 words writing about that trip before getting to the recipe or guide...

This is why we keep our introductions short on all our How Tos - usually just some minimal background and prep before diving in. We save the longer stuff (history of the drink, where it's popular, variations, etc) for AFTER the how to steps.

I mention this, because adding the guide revisions bit adds more content before the actual step by step guide, and I'm not sure about placing it there. I might put it at the end of the guide.

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From /u/Udzu on Reddit: The numbers 0-99 sorted alphabetically in English, French, Spanish and German.


(German confirmed to be a scrambling algorithm masquerading as a language.)

wikipedia has so many gems, but this has to be one of the best.

related, English is such a clusterfuck, what a crazy language

but also I'm completely obsessed with heteronyms, they're the best thing ever

Exploring Reddit’s third-party app environment 7 months after the APIcalypse - Enlarge (credit: Getty)

Last year, Reddit sparked massive cont... - arstechnica.com/?p=1992717 #socialmedia #developers #features #policy #reddit #tech #api

Rober McKeon Aloe has a further look at rippled vs flat (and curved) tampers, based on a recent video posted by Lance Hedricks on the subject.

cc @espresso


@dansup @pixelfed some people will hate any change, some people will hate not enough change. you can't really keep these folk happy. so manage expectations and get on with your roadmap. but as long as the changes, don't get in people's way, make sense, and there is enough communication for most people there will be some grumbling but they will be fine

@LouisIngenthron I thought it’s something the instance would have to do. Didn’t realize I can also do that on my own.

Seems like didn’t block Threads yet. Are there any plans to fix this? Source: fedipact.veganism.social/

The orbit the earth and moon weren’t built with nice divisible numbers in mind. Not only are the numbers messy, they aren’t even constant. It’s impossible to build a mathematically beautiful calendar that fits this planet. You’re always going to have to patch up your system with either inconsistent month lengths and/or leap days.

Our next major release will be #LibreOffice 24.2 (with new "year.month" version scheme), in February. And it has usability improvements, thanks to our community! For instance, a new search field in the Functions sidebar deck in Calc, from Rafael Lima: wiki.documentfoundation.org/Re

Population density of the metropolitan area vs. transportation-related energy consumption (image source unknown) #urbanism #sustainability #climatechange #urbanplanning cc @geographyjim

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