Highly intelligent analysis of a current trend in the romanticisation of poor mental health.


Look at the horror of the Israel-Hamas war, then at Elon Musk’s X site. It’s clear he’s not fit to run it | Marina Hyde | Tue 10 Oct 2023 14:55 BST | Retrieved: Tue 10 Oct 2023 19:09


Stone age Dartmoor viewpoint uncovered by archaeologists | Steven Morris | Wed 30 Aug 2023 15.43 BST [Ret. Mon 09 Oct 2023 18.55]

Spot where ancient people scanned the landscape for prey is now farmland near the Devon village of Lustleigh.


Archaeologists from the University of Liverpool and Aberystwyth University have discovered a wooden structure dating from at least 476,000-years-ago, the earliest known example to date.


The Myth and Meteorology of Manchester’s Rain. Highly enjoyable and intelligent piece from the Manchester Mill


'Many of these metalworkers were enslaved people trafficked from west and central Africa, which had thriving iron-working industries at the time.'

- Science | The Guardian


Why is the media afraid of Gary Lineker? | LBC youtu.be/XmRTViarauc via @YouTube

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