That's why we need to have #FoodBankDayNov30


I have said it before & I will continue to say it

Iff anybody thinks having a Billionaire in
Will help hard working families & poorest in society, I suggest you seek psychiatric help

#PoliticsLive #PMQs


@CarolineLucas It's great for the vulture capitalists and private equity companies who want to loot the collapsing middle and working classes. You know, people like Sunak and his friends. For everyone else it's been a complete and utter disaster.

“Brexit was the right thing for this country”says Sunak. Seriously? Less trade, less productivity, less investment, lower wages, higher food prices & grave shortage of health & social care workers. #Brexit wasn’t just the wrong thing for the country, it’s a bloody disaster #PMQs


This is your daily reminder that you have millions of friends and allies in the EU.

Also, there's a long way back to full UK membership of the EU, and the UK may not even exist as a unity at that point. I know the price of Brexit is, and will continue to be, devastating in so many ways.

However, notice that every step towards a closer connection improves upon the current situation and is worth hoping -and working - for.

Smaller wins are wins too.


The incomes of people at #foodbanks are so low for 2 reasons:
1. Their work isn’t well-paid or secure
2. They can’t work and aren’t getting enough support to ensure there’s enough money to live on
We need to change this.

A reminder that Immensa - involved in 43,000 false negative Covid test results - landed £120m of contracts after being referred onto the Government’s “VIP” lane. Our statement on yesterday’s extraordinary report ⤵️

It took nearly a month for government to halt the testing after issues were reported. Since when did we become reliant on citizens to check that box fresh companies, unaccredited with £120m of public contracts, are delivering?

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