As a teacher, you cheer for all students. But there's a special thrill when a student who, through sickness or confusion or laziness, digs themselves into a hole ... And then actually starts succeeding again. Everyone loves a redemption plot.

Which is to say, CONGRATULATIONS TO NASA AND THE ULA FOR LAUNCHING ARTEMIS 1! Spaceflight is a very hard subject, and we're all cheering for you to continue to improve as the program goes on!

The more I think about it, the more I think "we hold these truths to be self-evident," and not the following sentiment about equality, is the true American creed.

Never in its history has America acted as though "all men are created equal." But we are very, very good at mass movements centered around often-novel, "self-evident" truths.

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Saw this and's suddenly hard to have unsubtle critiques of social media, as a Christian.

I mean, when the founder of my faith said things like "if you're this type of person, you might as well drown with a millstone around your neck," and the first major missionary/coordinator said things like, "I wish these folks would just castrate themselves," it's hard to see anything as off-limits!

Rhetoric is complicated, folks!

It's funny. If someone had asked me, seven years ago, "what is the key principle of teaching Physics," I would never have said "mystery." Now it would be at least a top-3 idea.

The only way I know how to teach is this:
1) Students summarize their understanding.
2) We poke the universe with some experiment or activity.
3) Students admit that this makes no sense.
4) We name the mystery.
5) We use logic, more experiments, graphs, etc. to solve the mystery.
6) Students summarize their (new) understanding four ways, naming this their "current model."
7) We poke the universe again, and the cycle of confusion-->named mystery-->model begins again.

Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche.

Full-time Physics teacher, part time board game designer, once and future novelist, parent, Anglican. Interested in life, the universe, and everything, of course. Trying to figure out how to live wisely, justly, and with a sense of wonder. Have a PhD in medieval literature, which is surprisingly helpful in the AP Physics classroom.

Not terse.

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