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Why are blocks in a ? Why doesn't the just point straight to the sectors? Because there are limits to the number of blocks, or drive addresses, that an operating system can address. By defining a block as several sectors, an can work with bigger hard drives without increasing the number of block addresses.

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What is the of your OS?
(Please answer if you are not )

In my opinion, firefox's appearance is not suitable for . So I was searching for a way to change the app's appearance. I found this project for this purpose:

When an encrypted partition is used, the encryption key is stored in RAM. When hibernating the contents of RAM is stored on the swap. If swap isn’t encrypted, a thief may access the key and decrypt the data from the encrypted partitions.

Resource: administrators' handbook

Make eternal alias in :
~/.bashrc > if block (after 'enable color support of ls and also add handy aliases' line) > Your alias
Examle alias:
'alias chrome = 'wifi on && google-chrome

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