If I watch a youtube video with an intermediary tool (like ), do I prevent the channel's owner to get a special profit that if I watch the video directly from I do not?

Today #GNOME turns 25! We're so excited to share this milestone with all of you, thank you to our wonderful community of contributors and supporters for helping us get here!

Take a look at our anniversary website for some photos, history, and fun facts! happybirthdaygnome.org/

#opensource #GNOMEParty

This is the latest iteration of the new app icons based on your feedback. It's still subject to tweaks, in particular the start center icon. What do you think?

@RezaHoss my own 1 picture answer is attached that I was recommending you to do- boost if you like

When anti-slavery groups wanted to free the slaves, slaves did not agree. This is our situation about .

If you want to not to be trached in social medias use:

Use `lolcat` in if you want to have colorful and beautiful outputs:

Which one?

For moving a project with you can't use copy or move, because git uses files' addresses to save data and with copy addresses change. So you can clone the project from one directory to another;
git clone /path/to/main /path/to/dest

Which messengers do you use?

Count only those you actually use somewhat frequently for private/personal use.

Multiple choice poll, boosts and replies welcome.

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