Beautiful aerial views of the eruption by the Hawaiian Observatory are here: These USGS images are public domain.

On this image 👇🏼 , the erupting fissure with lava fountains is visible to the upper left. From the fissure reddish lava flows downslope.

Another excellent view of the upper northeastern rift zone with the active erupting fissure in the foreground. The summit caldera is in the back.

Reminder, USGS public domain aerial images are here:

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@RobinLacassin Hello. This picture shows in fact a portion of the initial eruptive fracture cutting the upper South-West flank. Mostly gaz release a a few short lava flows there berfore the magma was drained by the North-East Rift Zone :)

@culturevolcan You're right ! I just realize that the South Pit and the two small rounded craters SW of the main caldera are visible. I was too rapid to legend this photo…

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