I developed a tool to show you your twitter friends on #mastodon: movetodon.org/

👉 All data stays in your browser
👉 No CSV import neccesary
👉 List can be sorted by sign-up date, so that you can find new accounts fast

I have collected some tips on how to write a scientific paper. I know that many people are way better than me at it and that there is a whole genre on this. Still, some have found these tips useful. If you are interested, or you think others would benefit, here you go:

Some tips for writing science

If you download your Twitter archive it arrives wrapped as a static HTML page, which is not very useful for doing anything with, and worse: it requires the original account to be still active to do useful things like enlarge the images since they use t.co links.

So here's a Python script to convert a Twitter archive to markdown or other formats: github.com/timhutton/twitter-a

Now you can archive your tweets in any way you want.

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