Heard an interview today about how outrage can be addictive and a trap, stops us from being able to #reachacross... CW for length... 

Andrew Klavan interviewed Glen Beck, of all people. I hadn't heard Beck in a few years. I think he has a new book he was plugging about outrage and how it can be both addictive and counter productive. His estimate was that maybe 15% of each end of the spectrum may just want society to be torn down, and don't want to productively engage. While sad, that leaves 70% who should focus on reaching across and understanding each other. I think his idea is that a much smaller percent than 70 is needed to be transformational, that we should be focused on reaching across to each other in constructive dialog and not get engaged in the outrage trap.

I don't know how much I agree or disagree with Beck on issues, but this is something I can get on board with. Glad has this mindset. It could have a wide ranging impact.

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