This morning I believe the wind chill was around, or below, zero. That meant it was time to finally break out the face mask, especially for a long hour+ run. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun #RiverBankRun #Winter #mask


@timnolte hey Tim, Thanks for posting these! It's helped me get back into running... In 2019 I felt I couldn't run 3 miles but decided to set off goal of enjoying running. I got up to running about 36 miles per week (7/8/7/14 runs) until a few months ago when due to insane life circumstances and an injury I took some down time. First real run of this year at 7 miles this morning. I'm back in. Last year's marathon would have been my first but was covid canceled, rescheduled for October this year. I should be ready well in advance.

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